Veterans Rally in Billboard Protest, Calling for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Eviction from Invictus Games

Dozens of ex-military personnel gathered with signs and banners, demanding that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle be removed from their positions related to the event. As many of you know, Prince Harry founded the Invictus Games in 2014. It is an international sporting event for wounded, ill and injured military personnel and veterans. This year’s games are currently taking place here in The Hague. However, some veterans are far from satisfied with the presence of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who have been involved in the games for several years now.

Allow me to introduce Andrew Snow, a British Army veteran who served three tours in Afghanistan. Andrew, thank you for speaking with me today. Can you explain what this protest is about and why you feel so strongly about this issue?

No problem, thanks for covering our demo. Simply put, we believe Prince Harry and Meghan hijacked the Invictus Games for their own publicity and agenda. It was about injured veterans coming together in sport, not sticking their faces in it. Ever since Meghan came along, it’s all been about them and using her as a platform. Games no longer prioritize veterans, in my opinion.

We also strongly disagree with some of the political statements they have made, particularly on topics like the pandemic and the environment. The royal family is supposed to stay out of politics for a reason, not to mention all the hypocrisy of their private jet flights and mega-mansions. They simply no longer represent us or our values. In my opinion, the Invictus Games would be better off without their interference.

Thanks for sharing your perspective, Andrew. It seems that the main complaints revolve around the fact that Harry and Meghan have overshadowed the event and strayed too far from political issues. However, for those who are skeptical of these claims, what would you say to reassure them that this isn’t just about other personal issues with the Sussexes?

It’s a good question. Look, that people like Harry and Meghan personally isn’t really the point. It’s about keeping Invictus’ goal where it belongs: helping veterans through sport. We all owe Harry a debt of gratitude for creating these games, but things have changed dramatically in recent years in terms of the attention they get. If you look at the website, social media and promotions, it’s 90% about them rather than our members and their stories.

Their brand deals and productions often seem to take priority as well. As a charity, we believe Invictus should focus on veterans first and foremost. We just want to see him get back to basics. That’s really what it’s about, rather than petty personal grudges.

I can understand this perspective. However, for those at the Invictus Games defending Harry and Meghan’s current role, what would you say to respond to their counter-arguments?

Of course, the organizers will defend the status quo, this is completely natural. But with all due respect, they are biased, because at the end of the day, Harry is their meal ticket. Their claim that Harry and Meghan are dramatically increasing awareness and funding just doesn’t hold up for us. Invictus did just fine for years without all the fanfare and publicity stunts.


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