Meghan Markle Storms Off with Bodyguards Following Intense Fight with Prince Harry at Restaurant

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle reportedly got into heated arguments while staying at the luxury Four Seasons Hotel in Palm Beach last month. The couple were in Florida for Prince Harry’s charity polo match and to film footage for their upcoming Netflix series. The Four Seasons Hotel is known for its opulence and is one of the most expensive properties in the area.

Witnesses spotted Harry and Meghan walking in the hotel pool. Meghan was dressed in white capri pants and a black top, while Harry wore a black t-shirt, blue chinos and sneakers. The hotel, located directly on the beach, is described on its website as a seaside oasis, offering a range of amenities to cater to guests seeking relaxation and adventure.

The hotel has several swimming pools, including an adults-only enclave, beachfront cabanas and an extensive spa for those seeking tranquility. For the more adventurous guests, there are paddleboards, kayaks, bodyboards, beach volleyball, and tennis courts. Free bike rides along scenic trails and snorkeling and fishing excursions aboard the hotel’s yacht are also available. Additionally, private airboat tours to the nearby Everglades National Park can be arranged.

The hotel’s dining options are plentiful, with a variety of restaurants, including Flor’s, run by celebrity chef Mitchell and Michelin-starred chef Moro Kreco, offering a range of culinary delights.

Room rates at the hotel vary seasonally, ranging from $1,180 per night for 3,199 square feet of accommodation to the sumptuous Provent Sierra Suite, spanning 1,370 square feet and commanding a nightly rate of $8,885. The suite promises panoramic ocean views, a spacious living room, two bedrooms, two full marble bathrooms and a powder room.

According to Paula M on YouTube, there was an incident at a restaurant in which Meghan abruptly got up and walked away, leaving Prince Harry standing. She stormed off with the bodyguards, seemingly asserting her importance over Harry. It is remarkable how she managed to diminish her position to some extent, despite her involvement in the royal family. Harry often finds himself in a subordinate role.

The incident happened during lunchtime at a restaurant at the Four Seasons hotel. Netflix, which has a vested interest in Meghan and Harry, requested their collaboration on a cooking project. However, Meghan tends to insert herself into everything Harry does, believing she is the star and brings more value to the table. Netflix’s preference for the two together reflects their awareness that Meghan alone lacks financial appeal and likability, while Harry remains a more marketable figure. There was even a notable kiss captured for a Netflix project, but Meghan’s apparent disgust during the kiss raises questions about the dynamics of their relationship.

The couple is now facing criticism for choosing Nigeria as their next travel destination. Although they are expected to travel to Nigeria later this month, they have been advised to address their security concerns, given the large number of people living in poverty in the country. Reports suggest the Nigerian government will cover the Sussexes’ security expenses, a move that has drawn heavy criticism, given the country’s dire economic situation, with an estimated 87 million people living below the poverty line.

Critics say the couple’s upcoming trip could have been an opportunity to show their commitment to the Commonwealth while retaining their titles and ties to the royal institution. Some suggest that Prince Harry’s presence in Africa might have been more useful if it was aimed at resolving pressing issues, such as the allegations surrounding African Parks. It is proposed that he devotes his time to visiting affected regions like the Bangu wetlands in Zambia to get a first-hand look at the challenges faced there.

Recent events surrounding Harry and Meghan, including their heated arguments and choice of travel destination, continue to attract public and media attention and scrutiny.


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