A Reminder with Every Word

Meghan Markle faces criticism for prioritizing basketball court inauguration over vital issues in Nigeria. Meghan Markle’s pledge to inaugurate a basketball court in Nigeria, as part of their charitable foundation’s initiatives, has sparked criticism over her focus on women’s empowerment issues in the country. The Duchess of Sussex is facing backlash for seemingly prioritizing less vital matters over more pressing concerns.

Royal expert Kinsey Schofield, speaking to TalkTV, expressed her concerns, saying: “Every time Meghan Markle opens her mouth, she wants to remind us that she is a feminist.” Schofield further highlighted the pressing issues facing Nigeria, including serious cases of violence against women and girls, suggesting that these should be given priority.

“A basketball court? Meghan Markle, you’re supposed to be this feminist and the queen of the world,” Schofield scoffed. “They’re just real virtue signallers… everything they do is virtue signalling. When are they actually going to… what’s a basketball court going to do?” noted the expert.

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