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Are you looking for submitting your article on another site? Want to write an article for Celebswiki.info? Here we now accepting Guest Post, Sponsored post, If you have a talent for writing celebrities related article (ex. as CelebsWiKi post).

Can we help? Celebswiki.info offers you to write articles related to celebrities, fashion, design and many more.

Write For Us – Guest Post, Sponsored Post - Write For US

Guest Post Topics We Accept:

  • Celebrities – Guest Post, Sponsored Post
  • Movies – Guest Post, Sponsored Post
  • Athletes – Guest Post, Sponsored Post
  • Fashion – Guest Post, Sponsored Post
  • Style – Guest Post, Sponsored Post
  • Product Reviews – Guest Post, Sponsored Post
  • Home Furnishing, Furniture, Decor, and Interior Design – Guest Post, Sponsored Post
  • Bodybuilding/Fitness – Guest Post, Sponsored Post

Guest Posting Guidelines

If you’ve read the above terms and you still want to contribute an article on the website, you should follow our standard submission guidelines. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.

1. The article content should be on this website’s relevant topics i.e. Android App & game review, Android tips & tricks, rooting, android gadgets review etc.

2.  Your article must contain at least 600+ words with no grammatical or spelling errors. The content must be well formatted with proper use of headings and paragraphs.

3. The article should have an interesting and catchy title describing the article’s content precisely.

4. The article should be unique (neither copied nor spin content). By writing here, you agree that you will never republish it anywhere else.

5. The post should contain a lot of images (at least 3 are best. 1 featured and 2 within content), insights or screenshot that contributes to the topic. Images must be in (.png) or (.jpg) format only with size optimized. Featured image should be exactly 400 – 600 pixels wide and the other images should be exactly normal pixels wide. However, you have to make sure that they are not gonna be subject to copyright.

6. There are no restrictions on links in the content unless they are marketing subsidiary,  self-promotion, or unnatural. Do not do keyword stuffing. Any link that is useless, spammy or irrelevant will be deleted.

If we found you violating any of the above-mentioned guidelines, a strict action will be taken which includes removal of all the links from the article and author bio or the removal of the article itself.

N.B. Submission of your guest post doesn’t guarantee publication. Your submission is going to be reviewed and if it meets our guidelines it will be probably be published.

Benefits of Writing At CelebsWiKi

1. Expose your talent & get yourself heard by millions of users worldwide.
2. Free lifetime backlink (Nofollow) to your own blog, apps or games.

How to Submit Guest Posts?

CelebsWiKi offers for blogger who wants to Backlink (nofollow) for their site for free. You need just Quality CelebsWiKi related content for it.

If you’ve read and understood all the above guidelines nicely, you can submit your guest posting request to srcwap.com(at)gmail.com

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