Tom Bower Exposes Meghan Markle’s False Nigerian Claim & Netflix Plot Against Kate With New Nigerian Trip

Meghan loves to play the victim and brings up race whenever she can. She always tries to present herself as this racially persecuted woman of color. But her latest claim that she has Nigerian roots is simply unbelievable. During one of her podcasts, Meghan claimed that she took a genealogy test that showed she was 43% Nigerian. Can you believe the audacity of this woman? Well, Tom Bower did an extensive investigation into Meghan’s ancestors and guess what he found? No Nigerian roots. Meghan is about as Nigerian as I am the Queen of England. His family tree dates back to white Europeans with no African heritage. This was just another blatant lie from Meghan to make herself appear more exotic and downtrodden.

But why would she go this far? Let me explain all this to you. Meghan saw claiming her Nigerian ancestry as a way of clinging to a narrative of suffering and discrimination. She is obsessed with presenting herself as an oppressed woman of color rather than the privileged mixed-race woman she actually is. Exploiting hardships she’s never known is Meghan’s calling card at this point. This woman has no shame. She is willing to culturally appropriate the entire Nigerian people and their history simply to promote her twisted agenda and self-victimization complex.

It’s a sickening play for more sympathy from his bigoted fans who eat up his lies. Real Nigerians and black women everywhere should be disgusted by this cavalier attempt to hijack their identity for Meghan’s personal gain.

And let’s face it, Meghan’s motivation goes way beyond just wanting to be oppressed. This Nigerian ancestry is directly linked to her and Harry’s upcoming shady trip to Nigeria itself. They exploit this false narrative to the fullest to justify their vacation plans. Don’t tell me this so-called Nigerian heritage isn’t the reason they decided to go to Nigeria, of all places in Africa.

Meghan is telling the world her lies about being 43% Nigerian, and what a coincidence, now they are heading to Nigeria a few months later under the cover of the Invictus Games. This reeks of Meghan scheming and exploiting her own disadvantages as an excuse to globetrot at royal expense again.

Meghan’s sycophantic PR team at the Mirror are already breathlessly reporting on their fun and exciting activities ahead of the Nigeria visit because visiting your ancestral homeland is just a joke for these disrespectful crooks. They use this fake Nigerian connection to sell their trip as a profound heritage trip when in reality it is just another opportunity to spend money and get exposure.

Make no mistake, Harry and Meghan’s real motivation here is to get great photo shoots in Nigeria for an upcoming Netflix project. You know these two snakes are just looking for more fodder to use against the royal family in one of their trashy TV shows. Getting footage in an African country allows them to not-so-subtly portray the royal family as racist villains who are holding back the Nigerian princess. And you better believe the real target of the dirty tricks is Kate Middleton herself.

The third act of Meghan’s schemes always seems to involve attempting to humiliate or upstage her lifelong rival. This whole Nigerian charade is the Duchess’ latest ploy to overshadow Kate’s admirable charitable work in struggling communities across the Commonwealth. Kate has developed an excellent reputation through her photography projects, raising funds and awareness in countries such as Pakistan and Rwanda.

Meghan probably sees her non-existent Nigerian ties as the perfect way to swoop in and compete for that good PR. Expect lots of photo ops of Meghan hugging random Nigerian kids and making the whole thing about her new homeland. Meanwhile, Kate will do the real work, as always.

At this point, the whole Nigerian subterfuge is just Meghan harassing and trolling the royals, especially Kate, out of pure jealousy. The Spencer family is probably clutching their pearls, seeing Meg once again disgrace her title for selfish reasons. But Meghan doesn’t care. She thrives on scandals and controversies to stay relevant.

Which is why this little snake charmer, Tom Bower, is having a field day eviscerating her lies about his Nigerian ancestry. He took the perfect opportunity to denounce Meghan as a fraud by dismantling this network of fictions. You know Meghan is furious watching this respected author demolish his scam in real time. In his latest interviews, Bower produces receipts, showing exactly how Meghan made this Nigerian heritage out of thin air. He discovered genealogical documents proving his family’s European roots.

Bower gives hard facts, demolishing Meghan’s flimsy 43% Nigerian claim that she was basing it on a sketchy online DNA test. This renowned author doesn’t mince his words either. He calls Meghan an outright liar, once again perpetuating his culture vulture act. And you know what? I’m here for Tom Bower dragging Meghan through the mud and treating her like the disrespectful crook that she is. Finally, someone takes off the gloves.

You can feel the fury radiating from Bower’s words as he condemns Meghan for so casually degrading Nigeria’s rich history and identity. It echoes the voices of real Nigerians around the world, feeling disgusted and mocked by this rich actress baselessly appropriating their culture. This is the backlash this privileged person deserves.

For once, Meghan’s lies are finally being properly exposed and deconstructed in real time, rather than simply swept under the rug. Bower ensures that his Nigerian fabrications are scrutinized and not allowed to fester as a twisted cultural lie.

I love seeing this so-called progressive voice being removed for his outrageously performative and disrespectful behavior. Of course, Meghan is freaking out watching all this unfold. She is not used to dealing with detractors of Bower’s caliber who can decisively dismantle her deceptions on the public stage.

The Duchess and her PR puppets are no doubt working to tell new revisionist stories or pursue more critics to silence them. But the desperation is palpable as their Nigerian dream unfolds.

This mistake is just the latest example of Meghan’s relentless scams and obsession with creating false narratives about her identity. It’s been obvious for years that she’s essentially crafting her public persona as a tortured and ostracized woman of color as she goes. Whether it’s her routine as a struggling single actress or her children’s book based on body image insecurities she never had, Meghan is eager to portray herself as an eternal victim .

Ultimately, Meghan is the embodiment of the modern paradox of privilege. She is a member of the aristocracy elite completely detached from the plight of marginalized people and communities. Yet she pathologically twists these same narratives of persecution as a twisted branding strategy. This is a gross appropriation of the trauma of black and minority people that it clearly neither understands nor respects.

So yes, count me among the many people outraged to see this out-of-touch Regina George guy one day declare himself Nigerian royalty on a whim. This is why his PR games and his endless stream of lies about his identity must be denounced and firmly ended every time.

Never let Meghan normalize her privilege by playing the role of an oppressed woman of color. The Nigerian ancestry stunt is actually the culmination of Meghan’s arrogant prank. Let this be a wake-up call to stop drinking the Kool-Aid of entitlement and lies.

Just sit back and watch the delicious implosion as this spoiled renegade is once again exposed as a deceptive culture vulture. Tom Bower and others will make sure the whole world sees what a shameful crook the Duchess is.

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