Tom Bower Confirms Meghan Markle’s Tell-All Writing, Plans Revenge 2 to Counter Alleged Lies

Tom Bower has confirmed that Meghan Markle is indeed writing her own memoir, following in the footsteps of her husband, Prince Harry. Bower revealed this information to GB News, saying Meghan’s memoir is expected to be a significant financial success. However, he expressed hope that Bower himself would publish another book about the couple to counter what he believes is a book full of lies.

Bower further commented on Meghan and Harry’s recent public appearances, calling them “media manipulation” and calling the couple impostors. He criticized their behavior at a Beyoncé concert, suggesting it was orchestrated to create a false image. Additionally, he mentioned Harry’s comments about the media’s treatment of Afghan victims, calling them false.

The biographer pointed out that Meghan and Harry appeared together at the ongoing Invictus Games in Germany, which coincided with reports of their limited joint public appearances in 2023. Bower noted that although the couple have been photographed with the While looking happy and engaged during these events, Harry’s previous sullen expressions attracted media attention.

Bower also criticized Harry’s actions at St. George’s Chapel, where he attended a service for members of the British armed forces to mark the first anniversary of the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Bower called Harry’s behavior “sickening” and accused him of using war victims to promote himself.

The biographer concluded by questioning Meghan’s recent attempt to write her memoir, suggesting it could be in preparation for an impending divorce announcement. He suggested that the book could potentially contain damaging revelations about Harry’s personal struggles and issues, and that Meghan’s career in Hollywood could take priority in her future plans.

Overall, Bower’s comments reflect his skepticism about Meghan and Harry’s actions and motivations, particularly in the context of their public appearances and possible divorce.

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