Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Denied Entry at Nigerian AMVCA Ceremony for Showing Up Uninvited

Rumor has it that Meghan Markle was refused entry to the Nigerian AMVCA Awards during her alleged royal tour of Nigeria. For those unfamiliar, AMVCA stands for Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards, an annual event presented by MultiChoice that celebrates remarkable achievements in television and film. The inaugural ceremony took place in Lagos, Nigeria on March 9, 2013 and was broadcast to over 50 countries. The awards recognize outstanding films and television series released during the previous year.

Coinciding with Meghan and Harry’s visit to Nigeria, this year’s AMVCA Awards took place on May 11. The Nigerian Guardian has published the full list of winners from the 10th edition, marking a decade of excellence in African cinema and television. BB Sour’s “Breath of Life” became the biggest winner of the night, triumphing over stiff competition from films like “Over the Bridge,” “Mommy Wet” and “Jen Jagen: The Warrior.”

While the newspaper lists all the winners, the Royal Saga reports one particular incident for Harry and Meghan. In a scene reminiscent of a tabloid story, Prince Harry and Meghan were reportedly refused entry to the 2024 African Movie Viewers’ Choice Awards in Lagos, Nigeria. Was their arrival truly unexpected or was it a deliberate attempt to generate publicity? The couple, known for their carefully groomed public image, would not usually object to such a high-profile event. However, the possibility of a calculated move aimed at stealing the spotlight from the candidates cannot be entirely ruled out.

Organizers reportedly said the couple had not been invited, suggesting their appearance may not have been welcome from the start. This could be due to several factors, including lingering resentment towards the British monarchy’s colonial past in Africa. Additionally, Harry and Meghan’s recent controversies, from their use of private jets to accusations of extravagance, may have influenced public perception in Nigeria. It’s also plausible that organizers simply didn’t have the capacity to accommodate an unscheduled appearance by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The AMVCA is a major event with meticulously planned security arrangements, seating charts and media protocols, and their unexpected arrival could have disrupted the smooth running of the ceremony.

This incident highlights the fickle nature of fame. While Harry and Meghan were once global celebrities, their recent actions have tarnished their image in some circles. Nigerians, facing significant economic and social challenges, may view the couple’s perceived privilege with disdain. Their exclusion from the awards could reflect this shift in public opinion. Social networks have become the battleground for this controversy, with rampant speculation in the absence of official confirmation from the organizers or the couple themselves. Some commentators expressed outrage at the couple’s treatment, while others celebrated their exclusion. Online discourse highlights the power and potential pitfalls of social media in shaping public perception.

Going forward, it will be fascinating to watch how Harry and Meghan deal with their exclusion. Will they address the incident directly, offering clarification or even an apology? Or will they remain silent, letting the narrative be shaped by their critiques? Interestingly, no newspaper covered their participation in the awards and their itinerary made no mention of the event. Their participation in public engagements is usually meticulously orchestrated, primarily for security reasons and to ensure operations run smoothly.

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