Danger Looms for Prince Harry as Sussex Couple’s Heated Argument Raises Concerns of Meghan Taking a Risk

In the latest development, there appear to be issues for the Sussex couple as a heated argument between them has raised concerns. Many of us feared that Meghan’s presence in Harry’s life would lead to the end of their relationship.

Although Harry is fortunately not deceased, it appears that he and Meghan were involved in a public altercation. Meghan claimed Harry was not supportive of her, leading to a reported shouting match between the two.

The situation escalated to the point where someone had to call an ambulance for Harry. The exact details of what happened remain unknown, leaving us to speculate on the cause. Some suggest drugs may have played a part, but we can only hope Harry is okay.

Interestingly, Meghan and Harry are now trying to rebrand themselves by adopting the surname “Spencer”. They aim to fix their image issues and have asked people to call them Harry and Meghan Spencer.

The move raises eyebrows, as Meghan apparently wants to assume the identity of Diana Spencer, while Harry takes on the name “Spencer.” The whole situation appears confusing and lacks coherence.

Questions arise over their intention to retain their Sussex titles. Referring to themselves as “Harry and Meghan Spencer, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex” seems odd to many. Maybe some naive fans or kids might be fooled, but the majority of us will agree that it’s still them, Harry and Meghan.

One can’t help but wonder if they are oblivious to the fact that their actions are attracting attention and controversy. It would be better if they were just good individuals without constantly looking for the limelight.

Additionally, reports suggest the real Spencers are unhappy with Meghan and Harry’s decision. Diana’s brother Charles Spencer, who supported the couple last week, now faces a blatant snub. This turn of events feels like a slap in the face for those who stood by this troublesome couple. It is important to remember that they have a habit of exploiting situations to their advantage. However, one can’t help but wonder if they are truly oblivious to their actions or knowingly engaging in such behavior.

As for their accommodation and transport arrangements, it is assumed that Meghan and Harry have found ways to secure lavish accommodations and private jets without having the financial means to afford them. Apparently, Meghan would use her charm to seduce wealthy people, complimenting them and then requesting the use of their homes and private jets. Unfortunately, this paints a rather gloomy picture of their character.

Doubts have always remained as to their claimed residence in Montecito. If they indeed own a large mansion with 16 bathrooms, why would they seek refuge with other people? Meghan’s demands for free private jets can be partially understood, given her aversion to flying first class with regular people.

These revelations shed light on the extravagant lifestyle they seem to lead, quickly draining their finances. Although it may seem unrealistic, it is conceivable that they could spend a million dollars in a week, although it is more likely that a single day would be enough for them.

There are growing concerns about Harry’s mental well-being, as he appears to be in a dark place. It is feared he may succumb to a drug overdose, leading Meghan to become a poor widow and portray herself as a victim. Divorce might not provide the financial rewards she desires. This raises questions as to why Harry would willingly adopt the name Spencer, fueling suspicions that their motives involve hurting and humiliating Charles.

Their desires for an apology went unanswered, and Charles refused to support their questionable lifestyle. Additionally, they were barred from some royal gatherings and events, further straining their relationship with the royal family.

In a rather amusing turn of events, some of Meghan’s ardent supporters claim that the Altuzarra heels are not favored by Catherine, but rather by Meghan. However, it is well known that Meghan is self-conscious about her feet and goes to great lengths to draw attention away from them due to her belief that they are too big and unattractive. Ironically, promoting this claim inadvertently draws attention to Meghan’s feet, which is likely contrary to her intentions. Sometimes all you can do is shake your head at these stories and realize that the foundation of Harry and Meghan’s life is crumbling, a development that could ultimately be for the better.

In light of these recent events, it is important to point out that the name Spencer has significant historical value as one of the oldest aristocratic names in England. Harry and Meghan can’t just make the name their own without Charles Spencer’s permission. Apparently, he showed little interest in granting them this privilege, much to their disappointment.

There have been reports suggesting that Charles Spencer never really liked Meghan and was offended when Harry compared her to Diana at first. It is important to understand that assuming the name Spencer is not as simple as a regular name change. He bears aristocratic ties and belongs to the Spencer family as a symbol of their lineage. Maybe someone from the UK can provide more detailed information on this issue.

It seems that Meghan Markle is desperate to associate herself with the late Princess Diana and pretend to be her supposed daughter. However, if they wish to adopt the Spencer name, they will have to relinquish all of their titles. It is highly unlikely that Harry will ever be known as Prince Harry Spencer.

So if they want the name Spencer and if the Spencer family allows it (which seems doubtful), they should drop all their titles. Personally, I think it’s a good idea for them to give up their titles because the Spencer name alone won’t bring them any privileges.

Naturally, Meghan will argue that Charles Spencer doesn’t own the exclusive rights to the name, just as she claimed the Queen has no authority over the term ‘Royal’. However, the Queen quickly put her in her place for that remark. I hope Charles does the same and reminds Meghan of the boundaries. Sadly, Harry can legitimately claim to use his mother’s maiden name, but I highly doubt Meghan is entitled to it. It seems their current goal is to get Spencer’s name since Meghan’s attempts to portray herself as the reincarnation of Diana have failed.

I sincerely hope that the Spencer family will follow the prevailing trend and shut them down. That’s even disregarding the fact that we haven’t seen much of Meghan since the poorly photoshopped image of her alleged birthday during the Queen’s Jubilee.

Assuming they change their name to Spencer, it’s likely that all associated titles and privileges will have to be relinquished. If Harry does not voluntarily relinquish his titles, the King will have to intervene with the help of Parliament to strip him of them. However, I believe this is just another ploy by the couple to keep people talking about them. And let’s be honest, it worked.

Some of Harry’s selfishness, cruelty, and erratic behavior may indeed stem from the Spencer side of the family. Charles Spencer had several marriages and strained relationships with some of his children. He even skipped his daughter’s wedding and only spoke about his sister after she died. I doubt he’s happy with Meghan and Harry dragging Spencer’s name around in one dodgy business after another.

In fact, the Spencers were notorious for their snobbery towards the Windsors, considering their own line to be superior and older. They viewed Diana’s marriage as a degradation of their lineage. So for Harry and Meghan to tarnish Spencer’s name is just plain ironic. Who do they think they are fooling? This will be just another example of their absurdity, which will probably make us all laugh.

Knowing Meghan and Harry, they will likely claim whatever titles they want and ignore the authority of the Royal Family, knowing they will face no consequences. However, I hope that Parliament will intervene and prevent them from acquiring titles illegitimately.

As for the divorce, I don’t foresee that happening anytime soon. Even though they despise each other and live separate lives, this new strategy of adopting the Spencer name suggests they’re digging themselves into an even deeper hole. It’s unclear why Harry allows himself to be pushed further into this debacle. These two continue to be a thorn in the side of their families and the British public.

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