Meghan Markle in Panic as Furious Earl Spencer Testifies Against Her in Royal Court

According to multiple reports, the palace is pulling out all the stops to finally put an end to Meghan and Harry’s lies about the royal family. They called none other than the Earl of Spencer, Harry’s uncle and Princess Diana’s brother, to testify against the fugitive royals in a legal battle. The same Earl Spencer who walked behind his sister’s coffin and delivered a scathing eulogy criticizing the royal family for their treatment of Diana. If he’s willing to testify against Harry, you know the evidence against the Sussexes has to be absolutely damning.

Spencer is expected to debunk Meghan’s biggest claim during the Oprah interview, where she alleged that a senior royal raised concerns about the color of Archie’s skin. Spencer is expected to testify that no such racist comments ever took place within the royal ranks. This could be huge, folks! Meghan’s entire story as a victimized woman of color could fall apart.

But that’s not all. Spencer also plans to testify that Harry and Meghan’s decision to step back from royal duties was entirely voluntary and not because they were mistreated by the royal family. He will dismantle their narrative that “we had no choice,” piece by piece.

Can you imagine how furious the Sussexes must be? The fact that Princess Diana’s own brother is turning against them is a major blow to their credibility.

From the moment these two got engaged, they craved popularity and profitability from corporate giants like Spotify, Netflix, and Penguin Random House. But their first attempt at fame failed. This dreary tour of Britain was just a desperate attempt to become beloved global icons. When that failed, they resorted to portraying themselves as oppressed victims of racism and mistreatment by the royal family.

Since the Oprah interview, they have launched a relentless campaign of PR bombshells, portraying members of the royal family as backward, racist snobs who bullied poor Meghan. This is a calculated ploy to maintain momentum for their victim brand and secure media attention.

But deep down, Meghan and Harry are charlatans determined to market false oppression for personal gain, even if it means smearing the heritage of an entire nation. They clearly value global fame more than ethics, respect and truth.

Spencer’s testimony could be what finally exposes them for the chronic liars that they are. These two crooks could learn a lot from Spencer’s resilience to overcome tragedy with grace.


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