2000 Veterans Demand Permanent Departure of Prince Harry & Meghan Markle from Invictus Games

Recent criticism has emerged regarding Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s participation in the Invictus Games, suggesting it has veered into excessive royalty. In 2014, Harry played a pivotal role in the creation of the Invictus Games, earning widespread praise for his efforts. However, veterans have recently expressed concerns that the essence of the games has been diluted with Meghan Markle’s involvement, prompting Prince Harry to reconsider his stance.

One raw commentator pointed out that what were once considered Harry’s notable achievements are now thrown into uncertainty in light of recent developments. In a discussion with royal biographer Angela Levin, GB News host Mark Dolan said around 2,000 ex-servicemen have left the games because they say the games have lost their original meaning. Some former veterans would like Harry to resign. Levin responded: “It’s become way too regal. Megan does the speeches. She actually led a march where some of the ex-military people were physically, emotionally or psychologically damaged or all of that during the fighting. They were very upset about this because she doesn’t know anything about what to do and I don’t think they want that.”

Levin added: “The last time she saw Prince Harry interact with veterans, she was very impressed by his approach. But she didn’t share the same feeling when it came to Meghan. She said that Harry was brilliant with them. When I went with him. He was wonderful at making them feel like life was worth living. I couldn’t believe how good he was, spending three or four minutes talking to them. “Now it’s all about Meghan, and Harry is following him, and I don’t think people want that.”

Prince Harry will fly to London next week to give a reading at St Paul’s Cathedral on May 8 to mark the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games. A spokesperson for the couple confirmed Meghan would not accompany her husband, but they said she would be alongside him for an Invictus-inspired visit to Nigeria immediately after the Duke leaves the UK. Harry is expected to stay in a hotel room during his stay in the UK, as he no longer has a base in the UK after King Charles evicted the couple from Frogmore Cottage in the summer of 2023.

The Sussexes had barely used the royal residence since leaving their positions as working members of the family and moving to the United States in 2020, but would remain there when traveling to the United Kingdom. However, Harry has stayed in hotel rooms in London during his recent trips to the UK. It comes after Harry’s request to stay in a room at Windsor Castle was rejected in September 2023, with the royal family citing lack of notice as the reason for the refusal.

Was Harry unaware that Meghan was slowing down her role at Invictus? The veterans were clear: they didn’t want her or a fashion show. Harry should have listened to their voices. Maybe now, with Mike Tindall named boss and ambassador by Invictus, he will finally pay attention to the vets. Invictus was not supposed to be Meghan’s show. Perhaps now the focus will shift back to the athletes and the charity. It was not his cause; she can stick to a podcast or whatever occupies her time. Patrons are expected to raise money for their charities, not spend donations on themselves. It’s high time the Invictus Games committee removed Harry and Meghan; everyone is tired of making games the Harry and Meghan show.


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