Doria’s Business Partner Allegedly Lends Meghan Markle Farm for New Netflix Show Due to Studio Costs

There is some speculation that Meghan Markle is filming her show at a weed farm in California. The Daily Mail reported that the backdrop for Meghan’s show would include two California locations: a $5 million home in Montecito owned by Tom and Sheri Capa, and a nearby farm owned by the Van Windgarden family in the beach town of Carpinteria.

Meghan, accompanied by a film crew of 50, could experience much more than the aroma of freshly baked treats as she showcases her cooking skills. Indeed, one of the filming locations chosen for Meghan’s show is a 14-acre cannabis farm, as recently revealed. Production is already underway, and a curious exchange is taking place: free grass-fed products from Doria and the Markles in exchange for publicity for the drug trade.

Meghan previously filmed in the couple’s $14 million Montecito mansion, but instead of using the professional chef’s kitchen, she opted for a smaller but still impressive 4,500 square foot home, just 3 km away for the first filming location. The owners of this $5 million home, philanthropists Tom and Sheri Capa, were gracious hosts. However, the farm chosen as the second filming location caused controversy.

The Van Windgarden family farm has created quite a stink among neighbors due to its highly fragrant cannabis cultivation. The farm, along with others in the area, have caused an intense skunk odor that permanently hangs over Carpinteria, a 10-minute drive from Meghan’s home. The Van Windgarden family, home to Meghan and her film crew, is one of the largest producers of legally grown cannabis in the region. However, their operation, as well as that of other farms, has caused an uproar among locals due to the pungent scent of weeds contaminating the air.

From mid-2018 to 2022, Carpinteria residents filed 2,340 odor complaints, according to one website. The neighborhood surrounding the farm regularly experiences a strong smell of cannabis, leading to complaints of homes and clothing smelling of cannabis, as well as reports of respiratory problems, headaches and nausea.

The decision to film a cooking show on a pottery farm has left many people perplexed. From the American Riviera of Santa Barbara to the cannabis capital of Carpinteria, it seems Meghan has taken an unexpected turn. Does this mean she gave up making strawberry jam to focus on making pot brownies in a borrowed kitchen? Or will it be about the “friendship” side of the show, focused on getting high with friends and neighbors on a borrowed farm?

Harry must be delighted with this filming location. It seems Meghan hasn’t found anything better. Maybe his budget or his reputation are plummeting. So much for filming a cooking show in your own kitchen. Netflix just doesn’t seem to understand that no one cares about two very privileged people trying to relate to each other.

This Netflix show is another failed project for Meghan. Cooking, togetherness, family, children, familial love and hard drugs just don’t seem to go well together. Meghan’s attempts are now becoming fodder for late night comedians. It seems she just can’t think beyond the desire for headlines and money.

A hard substance farm in the background? Is that why his jam costs $50 a jar? Will Harry be found lounging and getting high in the drug fields? It’s so funny.


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