Victoria Refuses Conciliation with Meghan Markle as Markle Emulates the Beckhams’ Interiors

According to a recent source, Meghan Markle has tried to win back the Beckhams, because she believes their support is crucial to her takeover in Hollywood. After facing several setbacks last year, the Sussex brand seems to be making a comeback. Not only are Harry and Meghan expanding their portfolio with Netflix, but Meghan has also launched her own lifestyle brand called American Riviera Orchard. The brand began with Meghan sending jars of strawberry jam to influencers across the United States. However, one of the pieces of advice Harry and Meghan have received is the need to have more high-profile celebrities on their side. Sources say the Sussexes’ former allies David and Victoria Beckham are at the top of their list.

Following the couples’ infamous breakdown, an insider close to the Sussexes revealed Meghan was desperate to repair the relationship. His new PR team advised him to cultivate friendships with high-profile British celebrities. However, few people seem interested in her, especially not on the Beckham level. Victoria has a multinational brand that Meghan aspires to have, so getting her advice and guidance would be invaluable. If Meghan can work things out with the Beckhams, she plans to offer something in return. Currently, Meghan doesn’t have the same social media presence as Victoria, but she plans to invest heavily in marketing to increase her numbers. She hopes to provide Victoria with excellent cross-brand promotional opportunities.

However, an insider mentioned that David Beckham harbors a desire for royal honor. He showed his loyalty by queuing for hours at the Queen’s funeral. He has no plans to reconnect with Harry, whom he considers a social climber, not to mention Harry’s toxic former wife. Followers of celebrity feuds will remember the breakdown of the Beckham-Sussex alliance a few years ago. Despite their close friendship and being celebrity guests at Harry and Meghan’s wedding in 2018, reports suggest the Beckhams were surprised when Meghan allegedly accused Victoria of selling stories about them. This accusation deeply angered David, given his longtime friendship with Prince Harry and his role as an ambassador for Harry’s Invictus Games.

Victoria Beckham is done with Meghan. During the Frogmore Cottage renovation, there was a lot of talk about Meghan hiring the Beckhams’ interior designer. They also hired the Beckhams’ former house manager, although it’s unclear whether that was before or after the breakup. It seemed to some that Meghan was determined to copy Victoria, especially after Harry’s book came out, with all the revelations and revelations. The Beckhams, being astute individuals, unraveled Harry and Meghan’s plans. They know who they really are and have no intention of inviting scammers into their lives.

If Meghan wants to apologize or make amends, it seems even she realizes the writing is on the wall. She has no other path to fame and fortune if her latest venture fails. Unless she can regain some of the goodwill associated with the Royals, her plan to compete with high-profile celebrities and their brands won’t go far. These celebrities won’t want to associate with his production unless his global empire performs better than them.


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