Melania Trump “likes” a tweet about how much she hates Donald Trump

Melania Trump ‘likes’ a tweet about how much she hates Donald Trump

The network wonders if she was a hacker or a bug. Melania Trump ‘likes’ a tweet indicating if she hates Donald.

Melania Trump is making the news…even if her husband may not be too keen on reason. The First Lady of the United States “liked” a tweet on social media in which it is stated that she does not like what her husband Donald Trump is doing at all.

The “like” in question is a tweet from writer Andy Ostroy, in which she appears on the day of Trump’s swearing-in with somewhat nervous expressions on her face. Although she disappeared soon after, there are screenshots, as well as tweeters and web pages that certify that this “like” did exist.

Although the @MelaniaTrump account is not the official @Flotus – created for the occasion by her and her team once Trump was elected president – the initial account was created in 2010 by the model herself and has thousands of followers . Melania was a very active tweeter until her internet activity was moved to the First Lady’s new “official” account.

“It seems like the only wall Donald Trump has built is the one between him and Melania Trump,” reads the tweet in question that Melania must have loved so much. The image, or rather the accompanying gif, was the famous moment captured by television cameras in which once Trump turned around, the wife’s warm smile immediately faded to tinge with a some fear and some contempt. .

Although it is highly likely to be hacker activity or a simple mistake, the issue has already exceeded what is reasonable and has become a popular voice, in addition to bolstering the rumors about Melania’s lack of harmony with Donald Trump. .

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