Invictus CEO Snubs Meghan Markle’s Email Begging Not to Be Removed From the Games

Prince Harry has been urged to step down from his role in the Invictus Games by veterans who believe the event has lost its original meaning. Critics say the recent involvement of Harry and Meghan Markle has made the Games too focused on royalty. On GB News, royal biographer Angela Levin discussed the issue with host Mark Dolan. Levin said about 2,000 former military personnel left the Games, believing they had strayed from their original purpose.

“Some veterans would like Harry to step down,” Angela said, criticizing the current state of the Games as too regal. Meghan has given speeches and even led a march, despite her lack of military marching experience. This has upset many veterans, as they feel the event should be about them and not Meghan’s involvement.

Royal expert Neil Sean reports that Invictus is stepping up efforts to remove Harry and Meghan from the faces of the Games. In an email, Harry highlighted to Invictus the unprecedented media attention Meghan is bringing to the event, and which the Games would not otherwise receive.

“Harry is refusing to resign, so Invictus will need to seek advice if they intend to remove him. A decision will be made shortly after this week’s events in Birmingham,” Neil Sean reported.

The problem, however, is that despite unprecedented media coverage, it is not positive. Many people are unhappy with Meghan’s significant role in the Games. Last year, Meghan was accused of distracting from veterans attending the event. She arrived late to the event in Düsseldorf, a day after Prince Harry kicked off the Games. According to body language expert Jesri Rose, Meghan appeared to be walking in front of the veterans, stealing the spotlight from the real protagonists of the Invictus Games.

“These comments follow speculation that Prince Harry was also unhappy with the way his wife was diverting attention away from him and the Invictus attendees,” Rose said. Meanwhile, Harry invited the royal family to attend the 10th anniversary celebration ceremony at St. Paul’s Cathedral in his home country. However, according to Page Six, he received no response after extending the invitations.

“A well-placed London socialite who knows the rival brothers confirmed that Harry had invited William and other family members to the event. However, they appear to have snubbed his olive branch by not responding to his invitation ” the publication claimed. .


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