Netflix Cameraman Dishes the Dirt on Meghan Markle’s Cooking Show: Robotic and Fake

Recently, a leak from a Netflix insider raised doubts about Meghan Markle’s culinary skills, especially on her new cooking show. According to the source, Meghan struggled with basic kitchen tasks and relied heavily on off-camera assistance to execute supposedly effortless dishes. While she may not be as bad as Brooklyn Beckham at cooking, the insider described her as robotic and fake. The reality is that Meghan seems to believe she’s too elitist to cook, which makes her efforts seem forced and inauthentic. It seems like she’s directing a chef and demonstrating how meals should be prepared, rather than truly engaging in the cooking process.

If Meghan wants to attract viewers to a cooking show, she should consider making every episode a “men’s health burger fiasco” – something gross and appetite suppressant. It may seem unconventional, but it would probably attract more viewers than a low-budget Martha Stewart knockoff. Alternatively, she could ditch the nice guy role altogether and film herself yelling at the kitchen staff, spitting out food and throwing things. People seem to love it when Gordon Ramsay does it. This approach would result in the most authentic, organic cooking show ever made. To top it off, occasional appearances by Harry, with Meghan emasculating him with insults, would likely generate more viewers than all of the “Real Housewives” shows combined.

Following the announcement of her upcoming Netflix show, Meghan Markle has been compared to Brooklyn Beckham, as they both venture into the culinary scene. Meghan’s show aims to celebrate the joys of cooking, gardening, entertaining and friendship. Additionally, Meghan and Prince Harry are set to produce a new series exploring the world of competitive polo, leveraging their partnership with the streaming service. However, Charlotte Griffiths, editor of the Mail on Sunday, remains skeptical. She compares Meghan to Brooklyn Beckham and questions the idea that they aren’t capitalizing on their royal connections for this endeavor, finding it laughable.

Griffiths wonders who would listen to a Meghan Markle cooking show if she hadn’t married a member of the royal family. She points to a past instance where Meghan gave a toast on a previous cooking show, describing it as watching paint dry. Griffiths believes that Meghan doesn’t have a strong track record on cooking shows and suggests that she and Brooklyn Beckham should collaborate, expecting a worthy result. She acknowledges that Meghan enjoys cooking as a hobby, but is not known as an avid cook.

Griffiths speculates that this new venture could be an attempt by Meghan to soften her image, although she agrees that being seen as ambitious is not necessarily negative. She remembers moments like when Meghan wrote words about bananas a few years ago or when she visited the UK and published a cookbook for Grenfell, which supported a good cause. However, Griffiths personally did not buy into the portrayal of a meek and kind Meghan. She thinks Meghan is tough, ambitious and ruthless, and sees no problem with that. Ultimately, she says Meghan is not the gentle character she is trying to portray.

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