Netflix Dumps Meghan Markle, Chooses Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz Instead

Netflix recently took an important step by ending its partnership with Meghan Markle, favoring an expansion of the collaboration with Brooklyn Beckham. The result? An all-new reality series centered around the life and relationship of Brooklyn Beckham and his wife, Nicola Peltz. This strategic move capitalizes on the immense popularity enjoyed by David Beckham’s documentary entitled “Beckham”.

Sources close to the project reveal that Brooklyn and Nicola want to offer an unfiltered look at their authentic relationship, with the aim of sharing their story beyond the media headlines. The upcoming reality series will focus primarily on Brooklyn and Nicola themselves, with the other members of the Beckham family taking a more reserved role. Their goal is clear: to establish their own brand, somewhat reminiscent of a millennial version of the famous Posh and Becks.

Notably, Brooklyn is known for its culinary aspirations, and Nicola made her mark with her role in “The Last Airbender.” Both are actively exploring various options and Netflix executives have already expressed keen interest.

The move follows Netflix’s recent decision to produce a documentary about the personal life and career of David Beckham. Interestingly, Netflix executives extended the proposal for this new venture to Brooklyn through his father, David. Additionally, Nicola Peltz is being considered for possible acting opportunities.

The next documentary project is expected to be groundbreaking and is part of Netflix’s choice to end its partnership with Meghan and Harry. The Sussexes’ initial plan was to follow a similar path to that of the Beckhams, aiming to elevate their personal brand. A branding expert has suggested Meghan’s continued association with her Sussex title could impact her popularity. The expert recommends Harry and Meghan create distinct individual brands while establishing a collective family brand.

Ironically, there is a touch of irony in the fact that Meghan and Harry severed ties with the Beckhams following alleged leaks when it appears Meghan herself had close ties to the media.

The Beckham documentary, released today, has received considerable attention. In just four episodes, it succinctly presents their lives and accomplishments, unlike the Sussexes’ six episodes, which some critics found less captivating.

The Beckhams are reaping the rewards of their collaboration with Netflix, which is poised to elevate them to elite status alongside other prominent couples like the Prince and Princess of Wales, the Obamas, and George and Amal Clooney. Netflix’s candid documentary about David and Victoria Beckham promises to reveal the truth behind some of the most talked about moments of the last three decades. Experts predict this documentary could cement their status as the world’s most influential power couple.

A couple for over two decades, David and Victoria not only achieved wealth, but also worked diligently to achieve their success. Victoria, recognizing her strengths and taking calculated risks, has thrived despite not being the best singer. David, a natural talent, developed his abilities. Together, they complement each other, making them both accomplished individually and an even more formidable force as a couple.

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