King Charles Offers New Royal Role to Prince Harry, But Duke Ignores Him Again

King Charles extended an olive branch to Prince Harry, but the Duke once again ignored his father. When returning to the UK this month to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games, Prince Harry and King Charles did not see each other.

King Charles was left hurt after Prince Harry claimed he couldn’t see his father because he was too busy. This statement came from the Duke of Sussex’s spokesperson upon Harry’s arrival in Britain for the Invictus Games. Although they were only a few miles apart, Harry and the king did not meet during Harry’s visit.

The Times’ royal affairs correspondent Roya Nikkhah suggested it was Harry who declined the king’s invitation because King Charles was not preoccupied with other commitments. Nikkhah said Harry could have spent two nights with Charles, but he refused. Last week, a statement from Harry’s camp said it would not be possible to see his father because he was too busy. This set the tone for discussions throughout the week, with some agreeing with the king, acknowledging his busy schedule.

However, upon investigation, it became clear that Harry had indeed requested to stay with his father, and Charles had agreed. This account suggested that Harry wanted to see his father, but Charles was too busy. In reality, Charles had taken Harry in, which would have made it easier for them to meet.

Kate Mansey, co-presenter of the program, mentioned that someone at the palace had told her that the king was deeply affected by Harry’s statement. After a brief stay in the United Kingdom, Meghan and Harry traveled to Nigeria for a three-day tour. Experts and observers noted that the format of their trip was very similar to a typical royal visit. Lady Nikkhah believes the Royals were closely monitoring how the Sussexes were received during the trip. She commented that when the palace and king look at photos of Prince Harry and Meghan in Nigeria, they probably think, “Oh, they look so beautiful. How does that make us feel?”

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