Prince Harry’s Mocked Pampering in the Tragic MGN Case

All the care Harry receives is mocked over the tragic affair with MGN. Harry made a complete fool of himself in court. He gave nonsensical answers, and of course that raised many eyebrows, including by his own legal team, who, judging by the look of their faces, would rather be somewhere else.

Rumors are now swirling that Megan is tearing Harry apart because he didn’t perform well in court. According to an unconfirmed story, Megan called him in the evening, and it made him lose his mind.

Apparently he was so furious he ransacked his Swedish Soho home where he was staying, and this comes from a variety of sources, including Soho House staff in London and journalists who had been tipped off. So I think there is some truth in that.

Harry turned up a day late for his appearance at the High Court in London in his ongoing case against the Daily Mirror publisher, and apparently the judge, Mr Justice Fan Court, expressed surprise that Harry did not show up.

It was so disrespectful of Harry not to show up, and I’m sure that irritated the judge. The judge is expected to rule on the case by the end of the year.

Now there is an insider who lives near Buckleberry. It is only a few miles along the M4 from Windsor, and the local restaurants and pubs are filled with landowners and Royal Hangers-On, horses and many wealthy lawyers. So this insider went to the local pub the other night, and a lawyer started talking to them. And then this insider said that Harry had a hard time in court. It doesn’t look good to him. While the lawyer’s response was that we shouldn’t rule anything out. He claimed Harry was the king’s son, which is true, and so the judge is expected to give his ruling by the end of the year. Then he went on to say, ‘Do you think a judge will adjudicate against the king’s son?’

The scenario this lawyer has suggested isn’t very good for people who want to see Harry shrunk down to his size. Now the lawyer had been drinking heavily and he claimed that Charles and Amir Group were going to agree to settle out of court. The lawyer thought it probably wouldn’t be a huge sum, but it won’t be disclosed and it will be paid to Harry. If that happens, then Harry can pretend he’s won, and that will give him a chance to save face. And that will also mean that Charles will have to put an end to the whole affair. So this lawyer insisted it was going to happen. Now, okay, that last one gives me some hope for justice, but I have no idea how the UK justice system can find a way to find Harry on all six counts. Statistically impossible and morally reprehensible.

And I think the people of the UK are going to be very disappointed with the king if he does anything to help Harry solve the problems that he and Megan have created. I don’t think the public is going to be happy if Harry walks away unscathed or somehow seems to have won this case by settling the family out of court. Many times it has worked out pretty well for the beloved late Queen, but I think it’s going to cause problems if King Charles…”

try that I’m afraid he’s too new to the field. I think it would be a bad idea for him to ignore what people want. Now I think Prince William knows better, and I bet he’ll try to convince his dad to do the right thing. But Charles could easily switch ranks and do whatever he wants to do. And if he does, I think that will be a very big mistake indeed.

From what I’ve seen of Charles, let’s remember that I think he’s a nice, kind person. I think he wants to be seen as the good guy. It seems to me that Charles likes to go there and mingle with his people. He smiles, he says lovely things to people, and he’s quite witty, actually.

I mean, Charles’ life is pretty good right now. He has the woman he adores by his side. It has all the power anyone could wish for. It has all the attention one could wish for. All the money anyone could want. But life can also be difficult, and I don’t think Charles wants to find out. I don’t think Charles wants to be as tough as necessary right now.

You see, Harry and Megan are very dangerous to the continued success of the monarchy. And while they’re not really big enough on their own to do any real damage, Charles certainly is. So by not putting them in their shoes and making these deals with the courts to let them win, Charles is showing everyone how weak he can be and how willing he is to manipulate the old court system to let Harry earn his absurd business. No one there is stupid.

I mean, does he really believe that people won’t be able to understand what happened after Harry broke all the rules of conduct in court? If any of us had shown contempt for the judge like Harry did, then we would be in jail right now. I’m afraid to allow his position as son of the king to circumvent the law, it’s just incredibly weak, and not a good look for a new king, or for that matter, even a former king.

Here is something to consider. Do any of you believe that maybe it’s possible, after Harry’s horrendous performance at trial and no evidence was given, that maybe the judge won’t give not even a verdict, but that he will just throw Harry’s case out of court and charge him a fee for taking court time for no reason?

So let’s assume that the lawyer was right, and that’s what the judge’s decision shows. Now, what to do with Harry? Obviously Megan is going to keep tormenting him forever, and obviously the Royals are still mad at him, and I don’t blame them. So, is the king just going to pay Harry money and keep him around in order to control his behavior, or at least try to? I don’t think Harry can really handle life in the States. It’s cruel and mean to him. He’s used to having these close friendships and his family close by, and he’s used to doing things like going out on horseback. I don’t think Harry is suited to American life, I mean who really is? But certainly not Harry at this point.

I think it’s too late. Harry was always bailed out, and that’s why we find ourselves in this situation now. Obviously, the lessons have not been learned and therefore Harry will always have to be pampered. Any attempt to change now will not work. Charles, I’m sure, must know, and that sends all the wrong messages. But what exactly could be a violation of the law, but anyway, it’s wrong of Charles to bail him out like that. In fact, this idea that Dad will take care of everything is exactly why Harry is the way he is. He’s still an unruly little boy living in a man’s body. There’s always been an undisclosed payoff every time Harry screwed up. He never had to take responsibility for anything. He never had to face the consequences of his own mistakes.

So it’s time to drop Harry. I think he needs to do this to mature and change his selfish perspective. I mean, the whole world doesn’t revolve around him. He needs to learn that. I believe the king will leave Harry to fend for himself. It seems like he was a really good dad, and tragically, many kids have to figure things out the hard way. It’s time for Harry to grow up and act like an adult. He should have learned years ago to take advice from people who know a lot more than he does, but he seems confident that as the king’s son he can do whatever he wants. No one can interrogate him. Tough love is not an easy thing for a parent to do, it’s allowed, but sometimes not being loved is part of the job.

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