Meghan Markle Left Devastated as Princess Kate Rejects Apology and Disapproves UK Return

Meghan Markle’s true feelings about Princess Kate before she became a royal have been revealed. Years before their paths crossed, Meghan made some unexpected remarks about her future sister-in-law. When Meghan launched her blog, The Tig, in 2014, focused on news and lifestyle topics, she mentioned Kate in passing in a July post about a lifestyle interview with Libyan princess Alia al-Senussi .

She began her thoughts by paying homage to her childhood dreams of becoming a princess and contrasting her personal goals with the glamor of legendary characters such as She-Ra, Princess of Power, from the He-Man universe. She couldn’t ignore the excitement surrounding the royal wedding or the endless conversations about Princess Kate. The blog, named after Meghan’s favorite wine Tiganello, was deleted when her romance with Prince Harry intensified.

Despite their numerous public appearances together, Meghan and Kate were reportedly at odds in 2019. Before the 2018 royal wedding, rumors swirled that Meghan had upset Kate. However, Meghan later denied these claims in an interview with Oprah Winfrey.

In his memoir, Prince Harry described a heated exchange between Meghan and Kate, during which Kate said she was hurt by Meghan’s remarks about her postpartum experience.

In the Netflix documentary “Harry and Meghan,” Meghan herself reflected on her first meetings with Kate, noticing the blatant formality even in private.

Looking back, she found it hilarious because she didn’t know as much then as she does now. “I had no idea how surprising this was to many Brits,” she remarked.

She immediately realized that the formality of the outside permeated the inside and that there was a way of facing forward before the door closed, allowing relaxation.

Kate has not commented on Meghan and Harry’s numerous allegations since leaving the royal family, but the two were last seen together in September 2022 at the late queen’s funeral.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s security in Nigeria could be at risk from three main sources, according to security expert D. Davis.

The couple’s planned trip to one of the world’s most dangerous countries has been brought to the attention of the former head of royal security, once in charge of guarding the royal family.

Later this month, Harry and Meghan will travel to Nigeria to discuss the Invictus Games. The exact date of their arrival in Africa is unknown, but it is expected to take place after Harry attends the Invictus Games anniversary celebrations in London on May 8.

Regarding security concerns, Mr Davis said: “I would highlight the possibility of terrorism, kidnappings, the levels of violence and the danger in the country.”

Mr Davis went on to say there could be more danger following Prince Harry’s claim in his 2023 memoir that he killed 25 Taliban fighters in Afghanistan.

Asked about their trip to Nigeria, Mr Davis said: “I believe he and those advising him are naive. There’s this feeling of entitlement: ‘Why shouldn’t I go somewhere if I want to?’ »

He stressed the need to be extremely careful, taking into account all relevant factors to ensure their visit is as safe as possible.

On May 8, Prince Harry will attend a ceremony celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games in London.


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