Prince Harry Left Furious After Meghan Markle Publicly Snubs Him

Meghan Markle was seen at a major event after notably deciding not to join Prince Harry during his visit to the United Kingdom. Markle made her first public appearance in weeks as she attended a networking event just days before her husband returned to the UK.

Markle was spotted enjoying some downtime in Montecito, California, just days before Prince Harry’s highly anticipated return to the UK. As Harry’s departure for Britain approached, Markle was seen relaxing at a high-profile gathering in sunny California. The Duchess of Sussex appeared during an evening of socializing on Thursday, April 30, in the luxurious surroundings of her Montecito neighborhood.

The event took place at the upscale Rosewood Miramar Beach hotel, where Markle, wearing a smart cream shirt and her hair styled in casual waves, took a front row seat. Venture capital firm Goft, known for its collaboration with innovative entrepreneurs, published an article about the event. Markle’s casual-chic presence didn’t go unnoticed, as a fan captured the moment and quickly posted it to Instagram.

At the Goft event, growth investor Brian Boosterman Nicholson addressed the audience, emphasizing that each participant was carefully selected because “we want to work with you as investors and entrepreneurs, and we look forward to to build with you all.”

A social media user shared a glimpse of Markle’s professional demeanor at the event with the caption: “In business mode yesterday, Meghan attended an invitation-only event featuring a curated guest list of select people at the Rosewood Miramar Beach Hotel in Montecito, just a stone’s throw from the Sussexes. Thanks to one of my amazing followers for alerting me.”

The Duchess of Sussex has been criticized for choosing not to accompany Prince Harry to the UK for the 10th anniversary celebrations of the Invictus Games. The reasons for her decision to stay in the United States have not been revealed, but royal commentator Tom Quinn speculated that she may hold a grudge against the royal family.

“Meghan will be accused of selfishness for not coming to see King Charles and Kate. Everyone in the UK knows what it’s like when there’s a family break-up, but few of us push family break-ups to the extreme like Meghan did,” Tom said. . “People are starting to wonder why Meghan can’t grow up. Accepting the breakdown of families while holding grudges is just selfish and immature.”

Other claims suggest that the lack of security in Britain would have made it difficult for the whole family to travel, or that the Duchess feared being booed. Since stepping down from royal duties four years ago, the Duchess of Sussex has rarely returned to the UK. She was present with Harry at Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee in June 2022 and the Queen’s funeral in September of that year. However, she chose not to accompany him to the coronation of King Charles in May 2023.


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