Meghan Markle: this attitude that says a lot about what she thinks of the royal family

Meghan Markle gave a first television interview since the Megxit. The Duchess of Sussex intends to prove that she no longer has anything to do with the royal family and that she now follows her own rules.

A duchess who has decided to free herself from the codes of propriety imposed by the royal family. This Monday, April 20, the American channel ABC broadcast the first interview (highly anticipated by viewers) of Meghan Markle since the Megxit and her move to Los Angeles. With this sequence, the 38-year-old actress returned to the front of the stage to talk about the Disney documentary for which she collaborated, Elephants.

An expert quoted by The Mirror noted that Meghan Markle has done everything to erase her royal past. She wears in this promotional clip aired on Good Morning America the same open-necked white shirt she wore when “she was only Harry’s girlfriend”. A way for her to try to make the Americans and the British forget the many controversies she was the subject of as a member of the royal family and also to record her new life as an independent woman.

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A chic touch

A choice that can be read in her look but also in her gestures. Expert Judi James pointed out that Meghan “gave the impression that she had obscured any royal attitude and her entire past within the British crown”. A past that nevertheless resurfaces when we analyze its rather chic accent. Meghan Markle did not give this live interview. Viewers have indeed discovered a pre-recorded video as is often the case on American television. And for the next interviews, Meghan Markle will take care of selecting the media as she made it known in an acerbic letter sent to the British tabloids.

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