Former President Sues Meghan Markle for Allegedly Stealing Her Work

I have some shocking news to share about the Sussexes’ non-profit organization, Archewell. As you may know, Archewell was launched in 2020 by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle with the aim of inspiring compassion through various initiatives focused on arts education, mental health and more. However, it appears that the organization is facing major turmoil behind the scenes that could seriously damage its reputation and credibility in the future.

Former Archewell President Kimberly Noel Granado has reportedly gone public with allegations that she was effectively forced out of her position due to Markle’s brazen theft and appropriation of her ideas and work . Granado says she felt she had no choice but to walk away from Archewell’s toxic work environment and tell her story. She has now coined the term “Megxit” to refer to her resignation from Archewell, playing on the well-known term “Megxit” used when Harry and Meghan left royal duties in 2020.

Granado describes being named president of Archewell last year with the goal of helping launch the brand and establish partnerships. However, she claims that almost immediately, Markle began taking credit for her ideas and contributions without any acknowledgment. In one alleged case, Granado spent weeks developing a media literacy program for young girls focused on combating online harassment and promoting self-esteem. She claims that Markle presented exactly this program during the couple’s interview with Oprah earlier this year, as if it were her own original concept and initiative.

Granado also details how she worked tirelessly to establish strategic partnerships with major companies and organizations that would help advance Archewell’s mission. Yet in each case, once a deal was reached, Markle would step in at the last minute to close the deal herself, ensuring that all the recognition would go directly to her as the face of the purpose-driven organization. non-profit. Granado felt this seriously undermined the groundwork and relationship building she had helped establish.

Over time, Granado says tensions grew within the organization as it became clear that Markle wanted to be directly involved in every facet, from partnerships and press relations to programming decisions and feeds. of work. Essentially, it treated Archewell as an extension of itself rather than a collaborative nonprofit organization. Granado recalls instances where Markle questioned or rejected ideas without careful consideration, and professional criticism or refusals from Granado or other team members were not taken kindly.

The culture had become, according to Granado, one of tyrannical control rather than collective impact. The pressure and stress began to negatively impact Granado’s health and well-being. She also grew increasingly concerned about Archewell’s sustainability and integrity, given the apparent focus on improving Meghan’s personal reputation rather than substantial philanthropic initiatives.

Granado claims she repeatedly tried to respectfully address issues with Markle and suggest alternative approaches to leadership, but was met only with outrage and rebuttals, such as “N’ Don’t forget who started this whole business.” As the situation worsened, Granado decided last month that the ethical and healthy choice was to step down as president, despite signing an 18-month contract.

She made clear in her resignation letter to Markle and the Archewell board that she felt she had been deliberately misused, that her contribution had been stolen without credit, and that she had worked in an environment hostile dominated by Markle’s demands for glorified control at the cost of real, meaningful progress. and partnerships. Granado officially called the forced exit a “Megxit” that left her exhausted, distressed and questioning the integrity of Archewell’s operation under Markle.

Today, Granado has chosen to come forward publicly to reveal what really happened behind closed doors at Archewell in hopes of bringing needed transparency about the organization’s leadership culture and its priorities for the future. She feels compelled to use her platform and experience to shed light on concerning practices, especially when the well-being of so many partners and those they seek to help could potentially be affected.

Granado fears Archewell will become an inexplicable vanity project under Meghan rather than the force for good it claims to be. Naturally, these accusations are very serious and damaging if true. In response, an Archewell spokesperson denied the veracity of Granado’s claims, saying they did not accurately reflect his former role or experience within the organization. They maintain that Granado left of her own accord for personal reasons after making a valuable contribution to Archewell.


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