Chrissy Teigen & John Legend’s Attempt to Mock Meghan Markle Backfires with IG Video

Chrissy Teigen, a prominent figure in the celebrity world, recently shared her positive experience with Marco’s Jam on social media, hailing it as one of the best bites of the year. With a massive following of 42.6 million people, his video post featured Bob Marley’s iconic song “Jamming” playing in the background. In the caption, Chrissy expressed her joy, saying: “We played! This might have been one of the best bites we had all year. The video also featured her daughter Luna.

The pictures showed Chrissy proudly displaying her pot of American Riviera Orchard Jam. She then spread the succulent strawberry jams on a slice of rustic bread brushed with salted butter. Then she fried some thick bacon and placed it on the jam covered bread. The video also shows Luna happily licking jam from a knife while perched on a counter. After crisping the bacon, Chrissy assembled the sandwiches, adding generous chunks of triple cream brie, before returning them to the pan to cook.

Chrissy and her husband John Legend then filmed themselves with beaming smiles, enjoying the delicious toast. Although the video was intended to be light and entertaining, it received mixed reactions from viewers. Some found it hilarious and enjoyable, while others questioned its purpose, seeing it as a promotional stunt or an attempt to attract attention in Hollywood.

Critics say the video lacked substance and mocked the concept of showing the process of making a simple jam sandwich. They felt it was unnecessary and excessive, accusing Chrissy and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, of exploiting their connections in the entertainment industry. Some even brought up past controversies surrounding Chrissy, including incidents of cyberbullying and insensitive comments made in the past.

The backlash intensified as commenters drew links between Chrissy Teigen and associations with Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted sex offender. Although these claims lack concrete evidence, they have contributed to the negative perception surrounding it. The controversy surrounding Chrissy’s involvement and reputation has raised questions about the potential impact on businesses associated with her.

It’s clear that Meghan’s decision to include Chrissy in her influencer promotional program may have been ill-advised, given the detrimental effect Chrissy’s associations and controversies have had on her public image. As a result, Chrissy Teigen found herself facing significant backlash and became a divisive figure in social circles. »


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