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Tony M. Fountain Wiki/Bio, Age, Wife, Family, Work, Career, Photos - Tony M Fountain WikiBio Age Wife Family Work Career Photos

Tony M. Fountain, also known as Precha, is an American entrepreneur and producer who is best known as the founder of Now Entertainment Magazine. He has helped several musical artists to expand their audiences such as Nino Brown, Shotgun Shane, Xpression the mc.

Fast facts

Last name

Tony Marcus Fountain

Born September 14, 1984
Age 36 years
Place of birth Georgia, United States
Education Full Sail University
Occupation Entrepreneur, producer, founder


Tony M. Fountain was born September 14, 1984 in Milledgeville, Georgia and was raised by his grandmother Helen Fountain in Gordon, Georgia. He studied at Fullsail University in Florida.

Private life

Tony M. Fountain is married to Catherine, Fountain. Tony is fortunate to have 4 children named Tyonna, Ian, Hadley and Lexy.


Tony M. Fountain is a rapper turned entrepreneur and business owner. He is the producer and founder of Now Entertainment which he launched in 2011.

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Now Entertainment

In 2011 Tony founded “Now Entertainment” as an independent label, studio, magazine, and video production company. The company was so successful that it later had to grow into a full-service company with an entertainment news site and magazine. The company also assists artists with label services such as recording, distribution, video, photography, SEO, SMM, website design, public relations, and more.

Did you know…

  • He is an advocate for cancer awareness, suicide prevention and human rights.
  • He has worked with artists such as Nino Brown, Christian Vind, Anessa Bradshaw, Shotgun Shane, Bradley Laborman and Ranna Royce.
  • At first Tony learned and completed most of the work on his own, which turned out to be time consuming.
  • He has spent the last decade honing his skills with the primary goal of helping artists succeed and growing brands.

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