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Alexis Kristiana, New York-based model, mother and founder of Liquid Gold Vintage (LGV), brings a fresh perspective to motherhood, fashion and sustainability. Passionate about healthy living, personal style and her son Zion, Alexis embodies the essence of modern motherhood. In this exclusive interview, she shares insight into her journey as a mother, the evolution of LGV, and the inspiration behind her life choices.

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NameAlexis Kristiana
BirthdayNon published
AgeNon published
Place of birthNew York, WE
Lives inNew York, United States
OccupationContent creator, social star, model
HeightNot known
WeightNot known
Hair colorBlack
Net value$1-3 million (approximately)
ReligionNon published
active yearsNon published
PriceNon published
Foster mother Non published

The journey to motherhood: a transformative experience

For Alexis, motherhood has always been a vocation, but reality has exceeded her expectations. The transition to this new role has been both challenging and rewarding, reshaping his priorities and outlook on life. Embracing the journey with grace and gratitude, Alexis navigated the joys and complexities of raising her son, Zion, with unwavering dedication.

From Model to Mom: Redefining Career and Purpose

Before Zion came along, Alexis led a busy life as a full-time model in New York, juggling fashion gigs and blogging. However, motherhood triggered a profound change, inspiring Alexis to explore new avenues of creativity and entrepreneurship. Inspired by her son and wanting to empower breastfeeding mothers, Alexis founded Liquid Gold Vintage, an online store offering vintage clothing suitable for breastfeeding.

Liquid Gold Vintage: a bridge between fashion and functionality

Driven by her love for vintage clothing and sustainability, Alexis conceptualized LGV as a haven for nursing mothers looking for stylish and practical wardrobe options. By curating a collection of timeless pieces that seamlessly blend fashion and function, Alexis aims to empower mothers to embrace their unique style while caring for their baby.

Nourishing Zion and nourishing the body: a holistic approach

Alexis’ commitment to holistic living extends to her approach to nutrition and wellness. Transitioning from a plant-based diet to a flexitarian lifestyle, Alexis emphasizes intuitive eating and conscious food choices for herself and Zion. Through her Instagram posts, she shares her culinary creations and promotes a balanced approach to nourishing the body and mind.

Essentials for the Modern Mom: Balancing Style and Comfort

As a seasoned mom, Alexis shares her three essentials for pregnancy and breastfeeding. From Kindred Braverly Nursing Bras to Motherlove Herb Nipple Cream, she prioritizes comfort and convenience without compromising style. Plus, she swears by Hatch Mama’s belly masks for self-care rituals during pregnancy.

Join the Movement: Embrace Motherhood with Style and Grace

That of Alexis Kristiana This journey illustrates the transformative power of motherhood and the limitless possibilities it offers. Through her advocacy for breastfeeding-friendly fashion and holistic living, Alexis empowers mothers everywhere to embrace their unique journey with confidence and grace. Join the movement and celebrate the beauty of motherhood with style and substance.

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