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Alexis Karpouzos is a spiritual teacher whose methods do not belong to any lineage or style. It teaches a form of total acceptance – a dismantling of the armor of the heart so that we can live vibrantly in the here and now. Alexis karpouzos shares from his own waking experience a way out of seeking fulfillment in the future and accepting “all of this here and now”. His spiritual search collapsed with the clear recognition of the non-dual nature of everything and the discovery of the extraordinary in the ordinary. In the clarity of this vision, life became what it always was: intimate, open, loving and spontaneous, and was Alexis with a deep understanding of the root illusion behind all human suffering, and a love of the present moment. . Alexis currently hosts meetings, retreats and private sessions around the world, gently but directly bringing people back to the deep acceptance inherent in the present moment. Alexis’ teaching is simple. He helps people discover who they really are, beyond all thoughts and judgments about themselves, even amidst the stress and struggle of modern life and intimate relationships. His style is direct and uncompromising and yet full of humanity, humor and compassion. He believes that freedom is everyone’s birthright. He does not belong to any tradition or lineage, and makes his teaching accessible to all.

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Alexis Karpouzos

BornApril 9, 1967
Age55 years
Place of birthAthens, Greece
Occupationphilosopher, author


Alexis Karpouzos was born in Athens on April 9, 1967, after taking courses in philosophy and social studies at the Athens School of Philosophy and political science courses at the Athens School of Law, he continued his studies in psychoanalysis and the psychology of learning. While studying in Greece, he was actively involved in social, ecological and occupation movements.


Like so many mystics, Alexis Karpouzos intuitively knows the unity of cosmic creation and historical humanity as part of all that is and all that is not. Thus, the originality of Alexis Karpouzos’ thought is to cross the most diverse fields, the most opposed philosophies, to unite them in an often contradictory and fragmented whole. Marx and Heidegger, Nietzsche, Freud and Heraclitus, poets and political theorists rub shoulders in the same distance and the same unusual proximity.Alexis Karpouzos Wiki/Bio, Age, Wife, Education, Career, Videos, Net Worth - 1677547439 173 Alexis Karpouzos WikiBio Age Wife Education Career Videos Net Worth


Alexis Karpouzos use pre-Socratic philosophy and generally ancient Greek philosophy, as well as the pre-philosophical thought of the Upanishads, Vedas and Buddhism in India, Lao Tzu, Zen Buddhism and the Taoist tradition in China, Arab mystics and poets, with their metaphysical religiosity as a metaphysical basis for interpreting and understanding the world and existence.

ancient metaphysics

At the same time, ancient metaphysics is linked to the dialectical ontology of Hegel and the modern thought of Marx, Nietzsche, Freud, Heidegger and others as an interpretative context for understanding the central problems of the technical and scientific world of his time. Novalis, Hölderlin, Rimbaud, Whitman, Eliot and others show the dreamy nature of existence, the transcendence of the Cosmos, welcome the infinite. For Alexis Karpouzos, the combination of ancient and modern thought creates the holistic experience of universal time-space and unity consciousness.

Other work

The poetic thought of Alexis Karpouzos is an expression of the inner experiences of the soul, an expression of universality. Inspirational visual images and symbolic use of language offer a description of experiences of elevation in consciousness, a glimpse into higher worlds. Alexis Karpouzos’ philosophy speaks of human experience from a universal perspective, transcending all religions, cultural and national boundaries. Using vivid imagery and direct language that speaks to the heart, his philosophy evokes a sense of deep communication with the collective unconscious, a sense of connection to all creatures in the world, compassion for others, admiration for beauty of nature, reverence for all life, and an unwavering faith in the invisible touch of the world.


Alexis Karpouzo’s thoughts are often laconic and paradoxical, challenging us to break out of the box of limiting beliefs and see things from a new perspective. Above all, Alexis Karpouzos constantly calls us to awaken and explore the mysteries of ourselves, that is to say the mysteries of the universe.


  • AN OCEAN OF SOULS: Beyond the Skies
  • AN OCEAN OF SOULS: Beyond the Skies
  • The end of certainty
  • UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS: The bridges between science and spirituality
  • Cosmology: Philosophy & Physics
  • The 4th dimension in art and science: a visual account of the relationship between science and art, during the 20th century
  • The self-criticism of science: the contemporary philosophy of science and the problem of scientific consciousness.

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