Their Only Hope of Survival

As speculation grew that the Sussexes could return to England for service in May, efforts were made to protect the exact time and date due to security concerns. Now that this information has become public, deliberations are underway over whether Meghan Markle and their two children will accompany Harry during his visit. The central question arises: Are Harry and Meghan welcome back after the release of the Netflix documentary, which appears to cast doubt on the fabric of Britain’s society while subtly accusing the monarchy of bullying and discrimination?

While in London for the platinum jubilee, the couple faced a chorus of boos, a clear indication of the negative sentiment towards them. It was a collective message of “you are not welcome here”. Since then, things have gotten worse for the couple, particularly following the publication of Harry’s controversial memoir by Omid Scobie. Criticisms and accusations have been leveled on both sides of the Atlantic. Still, the Sussexes seem determined to force their way back to Britain, whether the public approves or not.

Although some sort of ceasefire may be in effect for now, questions remain about how long it will last until the next resistance. Trust in the couple eroded over the years, as they consistently demonstrated a disregard for tradition and a pursuit of personal interests. Harry has expressed his clear desire to be at the center of royal engagements again, displaying his desperation to regain a leading role within the royal family. Their use of headlines and rebranding of their causes all contribute to a carefully constructed image. However, their attempt to return home is seen by some as a somewhat clumsy move.

Being accepted by the Royals again would undoubtedly catapult the couple into the A-list stratosphere. Yet many Brits remain skeptical of their return, and rightly so. A Buckingham Palace insider said a rehabilitation of the Sussexes was too late as long as Harry remained married to Meghan. As fascination and rumors swirled around the Princess of Wales, Meghan unveiled her own lifestyle brand, which some saw as opportunistic. The moment appeared to be an affront to the Welsh family, as Prince William appeared at an awards ceremony in honor of his late mother hours later. The brand itself is seen by critics as a brazen attempt to capitalize on Meghan’s association with the royal family.

While gossip swirls and their Windsor connection is the only thing keeping their Spotify deals relevant in Hollywood, Meghan’s efforts to stay in the spotlight with her projects and brand associations seem somewhat contrived. Now, with the revelation of Catherine’s cancer diagnosis, Meghan’s latest moves seem ill-timed and tactless.

It remains to be seen whether Buckingham Palace will accommodate the Sussexes’ requests to return or whether they will remain in a state of removal. The future of Harry and Meghan’s relationship with the royal family hangs in the balance, leaving many to wonder whether the couple’s survival depends on their reintegration or whether their ambitions will take them down an entirely different path.


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