Meghan Markel’s turns fake kids into deals to make money

What angered the public was Meghan’s alleged involvement in turning fake babies into money-making deals for profit. We often dive into discussions about character and personality, and for good reason. The British people are expressing their displeasure at the idea of ​​surrogate children being included in the line of succession.

The concern stems from Meghan Markle’s perceived character flaws, as she is the legal wife of Prince Harry. If it can be proven that Meghan gave birth to two children fathered by Prince Harry, the legal justification for their place in the line of succession would be cause for concern.

However, questions surrounding the births of these children remain unanswered, as no official birth documents have been presented by the monarchy or the official birth registry.

Curiously, there are incidents that raised eyebrows. For example, when Meghan bent down to pet a dog at a pet rescue center in the UK, while she was supposedly carrying Archie, the baby allegedly made a squeaking noise, which doesn’t seem to matter. is not something a baby in the womb can do.

Additionally, there was a case in London where Meghan’s baby bump appeared to drop to her knees, which is physically impossible for a baby in the womb. These incidents, captured by photographers, have led to public speculation.

Following the episode in London, Meghan went into hiding and opted out of attending the concert at the Albert Hall a few nights later. It is understandable that after such public humiliation, she felt embarrassed and ashamed, which led her to want to avoid public appearances.

At an event the following evening, a still-humiliated Meghan chose not to attend. The weight of the situation, the simulation of a pregnancy and the public scrutiny that followed, was perhaps overwhelming. However, during her Oprah interview, Meghan described the royal family as the source of her suicidal feelings, distracting from the incidents in question.

It’s debatable whether surrogacy was ever considered, and if so, whether it was included in Meghan and Harry’s prenuptial agreement. It raises the question of whether Meghan was anticipating a potential divorce from Harry and whether she saw having children as a hindrance to her personal goals. If surrogacy was part of the prenup, would Harry have proceeded with the marriage, given his close relationship with his brother, Catherine, and their children? These uncertainties can potentially be part of the divorce settlement.

Another important question that arises is why figures like King Charles and others seem to ignore or remain silent on these controversies. Their perspective or lack thereof regarding the situation stirs up intrigue and further complicates the narrative.

As the public continues to wrestle with these questions and concerns, the ramifications of Meghan’s alleged involvement in turning fake babies into lucrative deals linger. The ongoing divorce proceedings and the overall impact on the reputation of the royal family remain matters of interest and speculation.

People in positions of power have largely avoided discussing these contentious issues. The media also seems hesitant to publish or delve into the particular incidents surrounding Meghan’s baby bump, particularly the event where it appeared to fall to her knees. They seem to assume that the general public is gullible enough to believe all these fake stories and fabricated details. The impact of these misleading narratives is extremely damaging to the monarchy.

Many people vehemently deny feelings of jealousy when faced with the question of what Meghan has that others might want. However, it seems that some confuse jealousy with envy. Jealousy arises when one resents what another person has, while envy involves wanting what someone else has. People aren’t necessarily envious of Meghan; rather, they are convinced that she does not deserve the privileges and benefits she enjoys.

It is disconcerting how Meghan continues to exploit various platforms for self-promotion and self-aggrandizement. She uses opportunities like Spotify, Netflix, magazine interviews and even events like Harry’s speech at the UN, Invictus, One Young World and the late Queen’s funeral to boost her own image. This relentless pursuit of self-promotion through the platforms of others is deeply felt by many. Moreover, Meghan’s receipt of awards for seemingly insignificant accomplishments, such as the NAACP, Ribbon of Hope and Woman of Vision awards, only adds to the sense of disapproval.

There’s little to envy when it comes to Meghan’s smirk, unkempt hair extensions, ill-fitting expensive wardrobe, dysfunctional family dynamics, inconsistent thoughts and word salad, a constant depiction of victimhood, her erratic husband, her questionable writing skills, and her lackluster acting abilities. These factors contribute to the overall negative perception of Meghan.

In Hollywood, it’s not uncommon for lesser-known celebrities like Meghan Markle to summon paparazzi when seeking publicity. Los Angeles County is vast, encompassing many cities and suburbs, making it nearly impossible for paparazzi to track an individual’s whereabouts at any given time. Paparazzi tend to congregate in popular spots frequented by celebrities, although it’s unpredictable who will show up. Additionally, some paparazzi have admitted to being called to places like Target, where an underage celebrity suddenly, as if by magic, appears expecting to have their picture taken. This practice is prevalent among low-level artists trying to stay relevant or gain recognition.

It’s worth remembering how even the Mayor of New York called out Meghan and Harry for fabricating the car chase storyline. Princes are expected to rise above such ridiculous stunts. Toronto police claimed that before Harry, Meghan often reported fans hiding around her house. Eventually, their credibility waned when the officers stopped believing her. The motivation behind such actions was simply to have his name mentioned in the Toronto newspaper, fulfilling his desire for attention.

As Harry emphasizes the person he has become, it is essential to reflect on the prince he was. He became entangled in a web of lies, drama and self-pity, revealing his jealousy of his more educated, decent and respected brother, the Prince of Wales. Their late mother cherished and shared a close bond with Prince Charles, making Harry’s actions all the more puzzling. Still, he expects sympathy to be a “poor spare.” However, many do not feel sorry for him due to his self-imposed exile and continued attacks on his own family, including the Queen, who holds him in deep affection. His actions resulted in his demotion to second place without parades or the usual balcony presence, demonstrating the profound consequences of his words and actions on his loved ones and the country they serve.

Finally, agencies like Backrid base their entire business model on such scenarios. They benefit greatly from D-list actors trying to regain popularity or husbands struggling for a resurgence in the limelight. These people can reach out to the paparazzi, sometimes even paying for their services, allowing these agencies to generate substantial profits. Therefore, the paparazzi appear as the main beneficiaries in these situations.

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