Demands Money as Royal Family Remains Silent on Alleged Fake Kids

There are growing concerns about Prince Charles and the British Royal Family’s relationship with Meghan Markle, which seems to be causing a stir. Some believe that Charles is bending over backwards to accommodate her, which has upset many people. This sentiment stems from the perception that Charles could be influenced by Meghan’s actions, which have often been controversial and critical of the monarchy.

Moreover, a royal insider recently revealed that Meghan’s main concern is her financial situation, especially in the event of a divorce. Initially, when Meghan and Harry decided to step back from their royal duties, it seemed like they were in a secure financial position. However, things took a different turn.

First, they received no further funding from the Sovereign Grant following their royal exit. While Harry inherited some money, William inherited the Duchy of Cornwall and they were given the title Duke and Duchess of Sussex, there was no real wealth associated with the Sussex title. Money from Diana’s inheritance was also limited and the Queen Mother’s funds are tied to a trust which Meghan cannot access.

To make matters worse, they spent a significant portion of Diana’s inheritance on expenses related to moving to California, including private security. Although they have deals with Spotify and Netflix, the value of those deals is uncertain. Moreover, their reputation in the United States is currently in ruins.

It looks like Meghan is finding herself less wealthy than she expected after marrying Harry, and she may struggle to find work in the future due to her tarnished reputation.

In addition to these financial concerns, there are growing fears that Meghan and Harry’s relationship could take a dangerous turn. Both Harry and Meghan have faced personal challenges such as mental health and addiction issues. Meghan has also been accused of being a bully in the past. This raised concerns about the stability of their relationship and the possibility of things going wrong.

In response to Meghan’s behavior, it appears the Royal Family’s strategy is to remain silent publicly while taking private action to protect Harry and the child. Once they have ensured their safety and removed them from public view, they can take further action against Meghan.

It’s clear that Meghan’s actions and behavior are causing serious concern within the Royal Family, and they are carefully planning their strategy for responding to the situation. Meghan’s status as an American citizen living in the United States makes it difficult for British authorities to intervene. She is exercising her freedom of speech, albeit controversially, and remains elusive of any legal action from the UK.

Meghan’s actions continue to attract attention and controversy, but the royal family is keeping a low profile, letting her actions speak for themselves. This approach might prove effective in dealing with the situation, but only time will tell how it all plays out.

Megan’s downfall seems almost inevitable at this point, and it’s worth noting that much of what has been reported about her in the tabloids has turned out to be true. Her own behavior revealed her true character, which did not cast her in a positive light.

The question of whether Archie, the child sometimes seen with Megan and Harry, is indeed their son understandably leads the public to worry about his well-being, especially since he has rarely been in the public eye. While he is indeed a member of the royal family, as the king’s grandson, his welfare is in the public interest.

It would seem that the British royal family has distanced itself from the Harry and Megan saga. They have abandoned Frogmore Cottage, have not been invited to important family events like the Trooping the Color ceremony and will not attend the September 8 family reunion at Balmoral to commemorate the late Queen. These absent invitations make it clear that they are no longer welcome or needed within the family.

The family can finally mourn the late Queen together without the constant fear of private matters being leaked to the media, as was the case with Harry and Megan. This is undoubtedly a relief for the royal family.

Additionally, Megan’s behavior, such as stealing the late Queen’s jewelry and invading the privacy of Princess Charlotte’s bedroom, painted her in an unfavorable light. His mistreatment of staff is also unacceptable by Royal Family standards. Harry’s behavior hasn’t been much better, and it’s obvious that they’re both too dramatic for the family’s taste.

Essentially, King Charles is handling the situation with precision. The couple are likely to decline family invitations, and are unlikely to be accepted again, especially with their dramatic tendencies and history of selling family secrets. Resolving the question of Archie’s parentage through DNA testing is key to ending this turmoil and allowing the king to reign in peace.

Family members like Harry and Megan, looking to cash in on their secrets while adding their own twist to the narrative, aren’t what the Royal Family needs. Megan’s demanding behavior and attempts to assert her duchess title are considered unacceptable by many.

It’s obvious that Megan and Harry’s presence within the royal family has become heavy, and they’re distancing themselves from this ongoing drama. The focus should now be on resolving issues surrounding Archie’s parentage through DNA testing, allowing the family to move forward without the drama and turmoil associated with this couple.

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