The scandalous photo of Justin Bieber and a striper

The scandalous photo of Justin Bieber and a stripper

Justin Bieber has messed up again, this boy gets us used to his constant scandals and “blunders”, but what is certain is that Selena Gómez is not going to adapt well to the images in which the singer appears surrounded by an entourage of girls through the famous streets of New York.

According to Hollywoodlife, despite being charged with assault on January 28, the singer has taken no action in his life and he continues to perform in the most deplorable performances. For this reason, last January 31, the singer surrounded himself with a group of beautiful and sexy girls with whom he toured the Big Apple.

But just when we thought this boy was out of trouble, very provocative and spicy photos were released in which the singer appears sucking the breast of a striptease dancer, in the company of his friend the rapper Khalil, a friendship that seems to be giving you a lot of trouble. The photo was taken at a party in a recording studio in Los Angeles.

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Despite the fact that his father recently posted an innocent photo on Twitter in which he appears asleep like a little angel, the singer seems to be more of a demon.

It seems that Bieber likes to have fun, but in most cases outside the law. He was recently arrested for hitting his driver, they even asked for his expulsion for the bad example he gives to the thousands of fans who follow him.

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