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Sushma Nekpur was an Indian folk singer who is known for her "Ragini" singing concerts. Most of the following Sushma fans come from Haryana, Rajasthan and Western Uttar Pradesh.

Age, Wiki / Biography

Sushma was born in 1994 (age 25)

Sushma Nekpur's mother

Sushma Nekpur's mother

Sushma Nekpur with her daughter

Sushma Nekpur with her daughter


Sushma and her husband, Gajendra Bhati divorced in 2014.

Gajendra Bhati, ex-husband of Sushma Nekpur

Sushma Nekpur's ex-husband, Gajendra Bhati


Sushma Nekpur's "Ragini" can be heard and seen on her YouTube channel, her official partner, Shishodia Cassettes.


Sushma Nekpur

On the night of 1 October 2019 (Tuesday), Sushma died as a result of 2 to 4 bullets fired by unidentified assailants near her apartment in Noida.

Sushma lived in her apartment with her ex-husband (Gajendra Bhati) but her ex-husband lived with her partner in a separate room in the apartment.

Chief Superintendent of Police Gautam Buddh Nagar, Vaibhav Krishna, said:

"She was coming back from a program in the neighboring district of Bulandshahr when the attack took place. She was hit by three or four bullets and was transported to the hospital where she died. "

Nekpur had survived an attack during a program in the village of Mehsana at Bulandshahr on August 19 this year.

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