Tom Bower Exposes Exact Proof of Meghan Markle Igniting Feud Between Prince Harry & Prince William Post Marriage

For years we have been subjected to cries of outrage from Meghan Markle, portraying herself as a professional victim, alleging mistreatment at the hands of the royal family. Leave me alone! This “woe is me” is just a cheap deflection tactic to distract from his true sinister agenda: systematically dismantling the monarchy from within by turning Prince Harry against his own family.

According to respected royal author Tom Bower, Harry and Meghan’s fairytale wedding was actually the beginning of the end of the princes’ once close brotherly bond. The seemingly joyful occasion marked the official start of the Duchess of Sussex driving an irreversible wedge between Harry and his family.

Let’s not be naive here. Does anyone actually believe that Meghan had pure intentions in walking down that aisle? It is clear that she was equipped with a full-fledged Machiavellian plan, meticulously crafted to isolate her naive husband from his closest allies and make him entirely dependent on her poisonous influence alone.

Just look at the series of events that unfolded immediately after their nuptials. The signs that Harry was gradually becoming more withdrawn, alienated and hostile towards his older brother, Prince William, were unmistakable. It was almost as if Meghan’s venom was quickly infecting his mind and turning him against his own flesh and blood.

Accounts from respected journalists like Robert Hardman, who covered the big day extensively, indicate that Harry and William were always in a free and friendly space, sharing warm brotherly moments and bonding before the wedding. But these veneers were short-lived, mere flimsy barriers temporarily masking the corrosive dynamics and hostility building behind the scenes, thanks to the new Ms. Markle.

After all, we know they were very at loggerheads when baby Archie was born shortly after. In fact, Bower’s accounts cite the fireworks that first erupted over the controversial hiring of Meghan’s toxic advisor Melissa Toubati, who she granted unfettered access to manage the newborn Archie against protocol.

This was just the first in a long line of unforgivable acts of defiance as she boldly trampled on centuries-old royal traditions in a blatant slap in the face of the corporation, with Harry mindlessly carrying out her every selfish decree. Of course, William had to speak out as the future king, but Meghan didn’t want that.

Under no circumstances was she going to let a stifling relic prince derail her glorious ram against the archaic institution and prevent it from achieving its rightful destiny. This caused the first alleged terrifying explosion between the Sussexes and the Cambridges that shook Harry.

You can imagine the scenario vividly – ​​William attempting to exercise his princely authority while his out of her depths wife brazenly chafes at the suggestion that she submit to their rules. The whole spectacle likely provoked howling, uncontrolled laughter from Meghan’s feminist mentors like Gloria Allred and Jessica Valenti.

From there, it was lockdown as Meghan refused to be intimidated and officially muzzled, distancing Harry from those infamous royals with their endless litany of unacceptable demands. But the real juicy, paradigm-shifting moment of truth came during that fateful Oprah interview against the royal family.

When reckless Harry dared to utter those three chilling words: “She’s not lying,” a vile marker was blatantly planted in the ground, declaring open war against rationality, facts and the universal human experience she -even. Here, Meghan had successfully transformed her emasculated husband into a silent battering ram of misinformation.

Never mind the conflicting accounts of his blatant inventions stemming from real-life interactions with credible company personnel. The alternative facts lady had established her dominance over objective reality, and the ruthless Duchess had no hesitation in exploiting this endless blank check of lies in an industrial-scale gaslighting campaign against William and the few connections fragile family who still vaguely attach her husband to the royals.

If those two ever got in his way, it was an instant checkmate. Just knock out all the pesky fact counters with nuclear truth bombs straight from Harry’s emasculated spokesperson. Prince William shouted racist profanities while stomping on my swollen, pregnant feet after I politely complimented him on baby Archie’s complexion – an open detonation quickly met with a tight-lipped shrug of silent affirmation from Harry’s part.

Don’t question my truth, his empty aura whispered. So goes the Duchess of Deception. With deadly venom steadily seeping into Harry’s innervated brainstem, of course, normal decorum and courtesy when engaging with William became a bridge too far.

Why would he have bothered to express his respect to his torturer, tyrannical and racist brother, when Meghan’s tortured stories had become incontestable writings? Thus, the Oprah bombshell marked another critical turning point for an increasingly radicalized Harry, adopting the mentality of a cult leader, with each incredulous attempt at intervention from the horrified Cambridges quickly met with bombardment of speeches of revisionist hatred from the brainwashed hostage.

At some point, William clearly realized that his beloved younger brother was an irredeemable hostage in the clutches of Meghan’s psychological death and stopped trying. Yet despite the relentless disinformation campaigns waged by royal defectors themselves, we find ourselves grasping at straws, trying to uncover the truths buried in Meghan’s endless pit of contradictions.

What is the exact cause of the fracture point? Was there a specific inflammatory spark that ignited this endless rage cycle of brotherly fury and excommunication? After connecting the disparate wires, the answer is surprisingly clear. The entire civilized world witnessed Meghan’s unconditional domination, blatantly dehumanizing Harry on the world stage during their controversial interview with Oprah.

There is simply no way William would allow such total emasculation and stripping of his brother’s humanity without taking action. A real man doesn’t let wicked witches publicly disgrace his own flesh and blood brother’s butt on live television without facing consequences.

Accounts suggest that William was hopelessly disgusted by the Oprah show, while Harry, completely indoctrinated, sat there like a hollow-eyed hostage, gleefully confirming his unabashed submission to Meghan. At that point, William probably realized that his beloved little brother had been completely transformed into a soulless, brainwashed psychopath.

Yet the Oprah interview was ultimately just the culmination of years of escalating grievances between the increasingly toxic Sussexes and the disapproving Cambridges. Watching this catastrophic collapse from the sidelines, William probably realized that he was his beloved younger brother.


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