Robert Lawler Biography

Robert Lawler Biography - Robert Lawler Biography

Robert Glenn "Robbie" Lawler famous as Robbie lawler He is a former UFC welterweight champion who is famous with his octagon name Robbie (Ruthless). He is one of the leading mixed martial artists. He became the UFC welterweight champion by defeating another superstar Johny Hendricks who had fought Georges St-Pierre in a close game. As of July 22, 2019, it is number 11 in the official UFC welterweight ranking. In general, he is a very talented person.

After overwhelming Robbie Lawler, Colby Covington's final judgment day is near

Covington went to athletic venues, but remained neutral for most of his UFC career until he found a voice, although not exactly one. When he speaks, you can hear his influences: a dose of Chael Sonnen, a dash of Ric Flair, a few spoonfuls of Sean Hannity. The recipe is as obvious as too spicy. But that's the whole point for Covington. He wants opponents and fans to feel overwhelmed. Your anger is your search. Hate is an easy emotion to provoke. What does he do in the cage? Not so easy. Last night at UFC on ESPN 5 in Newark, New Jersey, Covington went through former welterweight champion Robbie Lawler in his same insufferable style. "Insufrible" in the sense of overwhelming, not in the sense of "dislike" often associated with his name. With Covington, the two are easy to confuse by design. Despite a short-term match, Covington fired 541 hits during the five-round fight, a UFC record. He hit, kicked and shot, and left Lawler just a little time to operate his generally fearsome offensive. He also shot down Lawler 10 times. In the judges' scorecards, it was a bleached one. It was a victory that was actually impressive in execution, given the personal risks to Covington. After a streak of seven fights, that should be enough to beat Covington a chance for the title, but he wasn't taking a chance. Covington's weeks of fighting have also become pomp and bravado, MMA's most controversial showman. Her "Make America Great Again" hat is her favorite dress, she arrives with a mix of poorly dressed women, requests poison by co-opting the infamous WWE music "You Suck" by Kurt Angle. For Covington, anything is an accessory. The flag of the United States, the provisional title, the First Family. Yes, the Trump (Eric and Don, Jr.) were at the Prudential Center, in the center of the front row, to watch him fight. The president of the United States, 14 minutes after tweeting about the horrific shootings of El Paso yesterday, had come to wish Covington luck. He later congratulated Covington privately for his victory through a phone call. Reminder: this was not even a title fight! Covington has always been heading for a day of adjustment of accounts, be it a glorious victory or a spectacular defeat, and that day is near. He's all-in, and if you're a Trump, if you're praying for Covington to win or for Usman to eliminate his block, it's time to prepare.

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Early life of Robbie Lawler

Robbie Lawler was born on March 20, 1982 as Robert Glenn Lawler. As of 2019, he celebrated his 37th birthday. He was born in Parkland, Florida, USA. UU. He is passionate about fighting and practices karate since childhood. As his father was a sailor, the family did not deny Lawler's interest in martial arts and, at age 9, began training karate along with his older brother. In addition, he also actively participated in wrestling and football in his school days. He attended Bettendorf High School, where he received state honors in wrestling and soccer, completed his graduation in 2000. After completing his high school, he enrolled with Pat Miletich at the age of 16 and began training with Miletich Fighting Systems. He was associated with Miletich from 2000 to 2013 and has won many titles for his 13 years of membership in the camp. He was also affiliated with the American Top Team from 2013 to 2016, where he trained alongside other welterweight fighters such as Tyron Woodley and Colby Covington (current interim welterweight champion). He is currently training with The Hard Knocks 365. His nationality is American and his ethnicity is mixed. There is no information about their parents and siblings.

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Robbie Lawler body measurements

Robbie is a very pretty person with a strong and athletic body. He has a lovely smile on his face that attracts many people to him. He is 5 feet 11 inches tall and fights in the 175-pound weight class. The South Paw fighter is known for his powerful punches, hand speed and excellent defense techniques against knockdowns. Among Lawler's various tattoos, two of them are super exciting. His lower body tattoo in the area of ​​his belly says Gladiator, and he has an image of a gladiator tattooed on his right arm where a gladiator with a UFC Title belt is seen at the waist. Your other body measurements will be added soon.

Robbie Lawler's career

  • Lawler made his professional debut in 2001 and won his first four fights in his TKO / KO career, his second fight was in the IFC.
  • He had a perfect start to his UFC career, the former IFC fighter acted against Aaron Riley (unanimous decision), Steve Berger (TKO), Tiki Ghosn (TKO) establishing a perfect three-win streak as a newcomer.
  • He was handed his first UFC defeat against Pete Spratt due to the hip injury.
  • Upon exiting the injury, he fought Chris Lytle at UFC 45 and won the game for a decision victory, but suddenly left the UFC after Nick Diaz gave him one of two knockout losses at UFC 47.
  • After leaving UFC, he fought in Superbrawl, ICON, Elite, Pride, Atlanta FC and Strikeforce, and even collected several middleweight and welterweight championships.
  • Returning to the UFC, he fought Johnny Hendricks for the UFC Welterweight Championship at UFC 181 on December 6, 2014, after the title was vacated by GSP.
  • He lost the match only to win the Hendricks belt after six games.
  • After winning the Hendricks belt, he was able to successfully defend the belt twice against Rory MacDonald in UFC 189, and against Carlos Condit in UFC 195.
  • His days as UFC welterweight champion ended after Tyron Woodley defeated him at UFC 201 on July 30, 2016, where Woodley knocked out Lawler in 2 minutes and 12 seconds of the first round.
  • He faced another defeat against the newly signed Ben Askren who defeated him with a naked rear choke in the first round at UFC 235 on March 3, 2019.
  • He faced Colby Covington on August 3, 2019, at UFC on ESPN 5.
  • He lost the fight by unanimous decision.
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Robbie Lawler's net worth

Robbie Lawler is a famous MMA and his career has given him a lot of fortune. He reportedly has a total net worth of more than $ 4 million as of 2019. His recent earnings from two recent fights show that his fight day salary is estimated at around $ 200,000. It was reported that his fight against Donald Cerrone earned him a sum of $ 320,000, with $ 200,000 to appear along with $ 100,000 of victory bonus and $ 20,000 of Reebok sponsorship. Under his recent UFC contract, he earns $ 200,000 per game, which is added with $ 100,000 as his victory bonus, $ 20,000 Reebok sponsorship. On the other hand, the performance of the night and the knockout prize of the night remains at $ 50 thousand for all MMA fighters. So far he has earned $ 4,358,000 from his long and successful MMA career. In general, you are satisfied with your earnings. He also wins from the guarantees. It is backed by the producer of sportswear and equipment Addidas and also promotes the use and combat equipment of Addidas, which surely entitles him to a large amount of money supporting Addidas.

Marital status, wife, son

Robbie Lawler is a married person. He was married to his long-time girlfriend, wife, Marcia Suzanne Lawler. The lovely duo together has a son. He and his wife Marcia are living a happy life together. There are no signs of disturbances between them. They are enjoying their life very much.

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