Love Island Series 5 Contestant and Model has an eye on India after making Anna Vakili his Girlfriend

Love Island Series 5 Contestant and Model has an eye on India after making Anna Vakili his Girlfriend - Love Island Series 5 Contestant and Model has an eye

Who is Jordan Hames? Love Island series 5 contestant and model watches over India after turning Anna Vakili into her girlfriend

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Who is Jordan Hames?

Jordan Hames is an English reality television star and a model. He is best known for appearing in the fifth season of the dating series, Love Island. Born on March 6, 1995 in Manchester, England, he has English nationality. Its zodiac sign is Pisces. He began modeling long before appearing on Love Island. He has worked with the legend of English footballer David Beckham in an Adidas World Cup campaign.

Standing 6 feet tall, the young model is represented by Nemesis Models. He has also modeled for the online clothing retailer Asos and the Irish sports retailer Lifestyle Sports. His appearance in the reality series has increased his popularity, having obtained more than 468k followers on Instagram.

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Who did Jordan meet on the Island of Love?

Jordan Hames along with Tom Walker entered the village of the Island of Love as islanders on the 14th. Anna was single on the 14th and chose Jordan to have an appointment with.

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He paired with Anna Vakili on Day 22. Anna had initially paired with Sherif Lanre on Day 1. Sherif was expelled from the villa for violating the rules of the villa.

Jordan chose Anna during the reengagement on Day 22. Jordan and Anna tied with Michael and Amber in the "Online Buzz" on Day 22. However, Anna chose Ovie during the new engagement on Day 30, leaving Jordan alone. Jordan and Amber, the new singular islanders were expelled from the village.

However, the islander alone Amber and Jordan had the opportunity to take another islander on a date on Day 33. Jordan chose Anna and Amber chose Ovie.

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Anna returned with Jordan during the pickup on day 39.

Jordan and Anna were one of the two couples who received the least votes on Day 42, and ran the risk of being expelled from the village. The fellow islanders voted for Jordan and Anna, saving them from greater risk.

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India Reynolds entered the village along with Greg and Harley on day 44. Anna and Jordan remained together during the new engagement on day 46.

The couple once again received fewer votes, keeping them at risk. The fellow islanders voted Francesca and Michael with the least number of votes. Thus, Francesca and Michael were expelled from the villa on day 49.

Although the couple, Jordan and Anna have been voted in the danger zone a couple of times, they have managed to remain in the village, having received more votes from the contestants than the eliminated.

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Jordan Hames observes India after turning Anna Vakili into his girlfriend

However, the arrival of India Reynolds on day 44 could twist this strong couple. The preview of Tuesday night's episode surprised Love Island fans when Jordan declared that he had had few good conversations with India in recent days. He also said he hopes to bump into India and have a conversation with her. Things are really agitated upon the arrival of India. What comes next is to wait and watch.

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