Greg Reynoso Wiki/Bio, Age, Career, Wife, Family, Photos, Success

Greg Reynoso Wiki/Bio, Age, Career, Wife, Family, Photos, Success - Greg Reynoso WikiBio Age Career Wife Family Photos Success

Greg Reynoso is an American writer, host and producer best known for his role in launching Linq Magazine, an online magazine featuring top independent artists. He first gained attention with the launch of his original podcast, The Linq Up with Greg Reynoso.

Fast facts
Born October 18, 1989
Age 31 years
Place of birth United States
Birth name Gregory Reynoso
Education Weber State University
Occupation Writer, host, producer
women Anabel reynoso
Famous for Linq Magazine
active years 2011-present
size 5’11 “
Weight 78 kilograms
Residence Angels


Greg Reynoso was born on October 18, 1989 in the United States. He studied at Weber State University.

Private life

Greg Reynoso is married to Anabel Reynoso.


Linq Magazine

Greg is the founder and owner of Linq Magazine: an online standalone expression magazine featuring the best capabilities of the Free Expression Network. Greg and his group research, care for, and explain emerging designers ranging from artists to shoe bloggers. Recently, Linq’s group has’ Linq Up with Greg Reynoso, which is accessible to watch on YouTube or your most beloved digital broadcasting provider. The digital broadcast includes another step for the group at Linq to share stories and reach more audience members for the free creators they put forward.

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While the Linq magazine stage sees development and realization, it was generally not a straightforward street for Greg Reckless. With his first thoughts of making a scene in 2010, he enthusiastically shares his idea with his then companions. Shockingly to Greg, the positive contribution and support he foresaw had mysteriously vanished, and his thoughts met with debilitation from those close to him. Soon after, Greg would put his idea of ​​an inventive step aside for later.


Greg’s fantasy of an imaginative free scene only resurfaced in 2012, when Greg found himself stranded at home with no vehicle, no activity, and a limited amount of money. What Greg had was his time and abilities, and chose to overcome the uncertainty over his friends and send what could become Linq Magazine. “Regardless of what others say, you have to let it all out. Whatever it may be, just let it go. Your loved ones may not support you, and it will sting, but there may be someone listening to you to find out what you are doing.

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Linq Magazine has since raised a generous sum. The scene had the opportunity to include more than 200 free specialists and manufacturers. Some of the specialists Linq has worked with in the past proceeded to sell the settings and come up with the diagrams, completing a demonstration of the intensity of the scene Greg made. Greg told us that in the next five years he plans to move forward with stand-alone manufacturers, but on a much broader scope. Likely arrangements incorporate video creations, group expansion, and Linq Magazine’s development into something much bigger.

Greg Reynoso Wiki/Bio, Age, Career, Wife, Family, Photos, Success - Greg Reynoso WikiBio Age Career Wife Family Photos Success

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