Ekta Kapoor Claims The Virus Story Of ‘Naagin 6’ Is Related To A “Real Incident” Like The ‘Titanic’


Ekta Kapoor Claims The Virus Story Of ‘Naagin 6’ Is Related To A “Real Incident” Like The ‘Titanic’ - AVvXsEgthzE6wvjjYJRsBsIDCwbcp9PrkoGA76aMrVT AhTUsHRr6OmJCMepEPghyqlReN93hVhLm1feTMOG8xBpFcz3iRCKNvr3dme0lrmorkyCyjoWzaEu9zgMx27zBS4lB65TCWqhysIAOpnvyCIBwmBPAi YuMQDuedufgfDtgW70zLRUMd LEegJTtz=s16000

The plot of Ekta KapoorNagin 6made headlines for a plot centered on a virus whose central character of the series, a Naagin obviously, saves the nation. Ekta has now spoken about the reaction to this season ofNaagin.

Nagin 6Image credit: Balaji Telefilms

Talk toYOUshe explained how the idea of ​​basing the new season ofNaaginaround the pandemic occurred.

“When my friend told me about this concept and she told me that you should do it and corona is not just about the disease, it’s a mind-altering thing. She told me that I was no longer dealing with relevant topics in the country. I don’t call it corona. I want to show what people have been through for the past two years,” she said.

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This begs the question: if we’re going to discuss the realities of life in the time of COVID-19, is a story about a shapeshifting snake-woman the best way to execute such a subject?

Nagin 6Image credit: Balaji Telefilms

Yes, Ekta knew she would be criticized for this

Ekta knew his plot choice would be criticized, but not for the reasons one might think: “I actually knew at the timeke mujhe gaaliyaan padne waali hai.” She alleged that she was wronged because, “agar yehi kaam koireally famous manufacturermapthings would have been different.

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In fact, Ekta went so far as to admit that many people found the idea ridiculous: “Naagin is a mass, commercial show and there will be criticism and that’s fine with me… I still remember everyone’s face when I read it and they said it was terribly ridiculous, but everyone thought it could really work or be really bad.

The best part, though, is drawing a parallel with ‘Titanic’ as both are based on ‘real incidents’

Ekta KapoorImage credit: BCCL

Ekta justified his choice by saying thatthis season ofNaaginis inspired by real incidents, drawing a parallel with James Cameron’s Oscar winnerTitanic: “In the west, if you see, they make shows based on real incidents and they work well. LikeTitaniccame out of a real incident. The pandemic is something the US-based OTT channel will do.

While the fact that pandemic-inspired stories can be made in the West is probably true, we’re sure no one would think of creating a show involving as much imagination asNaagin. We also wonder ifNaaginandTitanicare components of fair equivalence.

Now, Ekta’s Balaji Motion Pictures has helped a lot of more forward-thinking cinema come to fruition, be itThe Dirty Picture, Lootera, Udta Punjab or Judgmentall Hai Kya. But if we were to look at the projects she runs as a television producer,Naaginis not necessarily the one to which we would compareTitanicin any context.

Anyway, Ekta’s opinions on people’s opinions onNagin 6are enough to leave us confused.


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