Federal Judge Denies Prince Harry’s Request for US Citizenship, Orders Him to Stay Off US Soil!

Multiple reports confirm that a furious federal judge took a no-holds-barred approach and flatly rejected Prince Harry’s bid to become a US citizen. Not only that, but the judge gave him a scathing sanction, ordering him to get lost and never set foot on American soil again!

One of the country’s most senior judges looked Prince Harry square in the eye and said in essence: “Your betrayal and betrayal of the very institutions that have granted you all the privileges you have enjoyed fundamentally renders you unfit to consider yourself an American. Get the hell out of our country, you deceitful, insinuating bastard! »

Now, can you even imagine enduring this level of humiliation on a global scale? To be so completely embarrassed and emasculated by the outright rejection of the country to which you and your scheming wife swore blind loyalty after abandoning the UK? The secondary sting I’m feeling right now is delicious beyond words.

For years, we’ve had to endure Meghan’s false activist posturing about her desperate need for privacy and protection for her family from soulless institutions like the monarchy. Yet when diplomatic pressure came on American immigration, when they thought they had all their loopholes and arrangements ironed out, this judge thundered with the cold, hard truth.

The monarchy was not the institution that stifled them; no, it was their own hubris and delusional belief that their evil personal politics would protect them from just consequences. Well, they thought completely wrong. America didn’t believe their sob stories or emotional blackmail for a second.

This judge saw through Harry and Meghan’s crocodile tears about being unwanted and persecuted. In their minds, the United States was just the latest once-proud institution to be forcibly re-educated and subjugated by their perpetual demands.

But you know what? This time, their bad faith strategy backfired spectacularly. Instead of welcoming a toxic and unrepentant threat to join his ranks, this American jurist saw fit to draw a thick red line around patriotic dignity and sovereignty. Under no circumstances would traitors and self-serving parasites be granted the sacred privilege of calling themselves American citizens. After everything they’ve done, you can practically hear the venom dripping from the judge’s voice as he handed down his career-ending decision.

“As a nation, we have witnessed how Prince Harry and his wife, the former Meghan Markle, have repeatedly and willfully abused the good graces of the monarchy and the institutions from which they come in their pursuits perpetual money and fame Time and time again, credible accusations have been made, accusing the Duke of lies, betrayal, and even possible visa fraud and immigration violations, in his quest to infiltrate. American society under false pretenses We observed how they launched baseless accusations of racism against the British crown for reasons other than self-promotion.

And through it all, these two shameless crooks have shown not even an iota of contrition or loyalty to the nation that brought them out of relative obscurity. No, instead they told increasingly outlandish stories of mistreatment and delusion to justify the bloodletting of the people and culture that created them. In short, your calculated pattern of betrayal, Mr. Wales, runs counter to the moral fabric and patriotic backbone we expect of every American citizen, naturalized or not. You have demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that fraud and deception are your two guiding principles. Self-interest is your true monarch above all else. »


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