Dr. Oakley Yukon Veterinarian, Bio, Education and Career

A doctor is a very professional job when it comes to respect and popularity. It is similar The case of Dr. Michelle Oakley YukonIn terms of popularity, but this doctor specializes in animals. Above all, Dr. Oakley from Yukon Veterinarian has amassed a huge net worth from the TV show.

The woman’s generosity towards the animals and also the nature of always helping in the Yukon area over 100 miles is something interesting. The love and care for the animals made her there. So, stay updated to know more about the lady to the end.

Dr. Oakley

Let’s take a quick look at some of the facts before actually getting into a woman’s life

Dr. Oakley: Quick facts

full name:Dr. Oakley
Date of birth:September 16, 1969
age:52 years old
Place of birth:Monster, Indiana, United States
resident:Haynes, Yukon
The name of the father:Steve
mother’s name:Georgia Plantinga
Body measurements:Not available
ethnic origin:white
Eye color:Unknown
hair color:Unknown
Education:Monster High School
profession:A veterinarian of all kinds and a reality TV actor.
the friend:Not available
Partner:Pretty Oakley
Net worth:Over $ 700,000
Social media presence:Facebook,Instagram,Twitter

Dr. Oakley is known for being a doctor but also part of a reality show on Net Geo.Dr. Oakley Yukon Veterinarian. “The generous woman has been part of the program since its inception in April 4, 2014, Until her fifth season on the run. The earning the woman made is through the show and her work.Dr. Oakley Yukon Veterinarian

Dr. Oakley Yukon

The net worth of the vet is $ 700,000. Along with that, Yukon’s vet pays a salary of $ 15,000 To the episode of the show.

Wiki Bio (Early Education and Training)

Dr. Oakley, was born in line Michel Plantinga, I was born in September 16, 1969 In Indiana, USA. Her parents’ name is Steve Plantinga and Georgia Plantinga. The talented doctor belongs to a white ethnicity.

The doctor grew up in a river in Monster where the love for animals grew. Oakley used to rescue animals, loved horseback riding and also kept snakes as a pet. The factor that adds to her love for the animal was the uncle’s farm. The presence of the farm helped her know more about the big animals.

Dr. Oakley graduated from high school in 1984 M Monster High School. Immediately afterwards the animal lover joined University of Michigan And learned BSC b Animal biology. Her first visit to the Yukon as a project work made her fall in love with the place.

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Furthermore, she received an MD degree in Veterinary Medicine from Atlantic Veterinary College, UPEI, b 2000.The practice began at the Yukon B Nature Reserve 2001, Which strengthened at that time.


The talented doctor started working at Yukon after her doctorate but later changed his alert services. The doctor has also worked as a wildlife veterinarian and regional biologist in the Yukon government since October 2001 to January 2009.

In the current scenario, the doctor at Yukon works from her home in Haynes. The woman’s skill can be calculated from the fact that she operated from pets to wild animals such as sled dogs, horses, cows, etc.

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The most beautiful aspect of the lady is that she runs her satellite clinic in Haynes while sharing it with American Ice Eagle Foundation, Which inhabits injured birds that are unable to survive in the wild.

Husband and children

Fate takes people to meet new people and meet others. The same scenario came for Oakley as well. The love for animals in the Yukon has led to finding the love of life as well.

Daughters of Dr. Oakley

When the talented doctor arrived in the Yukon she met Shane Oakley, The local firefighter who became a part of her life. The love birds got married in Hawaii On December 10, 1992.The couple lives happily and have no marital problems to this day.

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Lovebirds are blessed with 3 children. Sierra Oakley Born in 1988, Maya Oakley B 1989, and Willow Oakley B 2005.

Social media presence

Physicians are mostly popular with patients, but this physician is of a generous nature, being in a veterinary ward. Adherents of social media are also good.

Instagram 16.6 thousand followers

Facebook 67,545 followers

Twitter 14.2 thousand followers

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