Marisa Bellisario Cause of Death: How Did She Die?

Marisa Bellisario Causa Morte: honoring the legacy of an Italian businessman who died of bone cancer at the age of 53

Marisa Bellisario was an Italian business manager and entrepreneur.

She is remembered for her extraordinary management abilities and her instrumental role in the restructuring of Olivetti Corporation of America and Italtel.

Bellisario began her career in Olivetti’s electronics division. Her initial responsibilities included programming the Elea 9003, the first computer designed and manufactured entirely in Italy by Olivetti.

She later moved on to work with commercial applications. In 1963, she played a vital role in the merger of Olivetti with Ball. The following year, she witnessed the sale of Olivetti’s electronics division to General Electric.

Furthermore, Marissa made history in 1986 when she became the first woman to be named Executive Director of the Year. Two years later, in 1988, she was posthumously awarded the gold medal in her memory by Milan.

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Marisa Bellisario Cause of Death: How Did She Die?

On August 4, 1988, Marisa Bellisario died of bone cancer, leaving behind her husband, Lionel Cantoni, whom she met in the early stages of her Olympic career.

Bellisario once wrote, “For a woman to succeed is more difficult but much more fun.” During the 80’s she was seen as a trailblazer for a new generation of female managers.

However, in the decades following her death, no Italian woman was able to achieve a senior leadership position in a significant national society solely on her own merit.

Instead, many inherited such roles from their fathers or grandfathers.

On August 4, 1988, Marisa Bellisario died of bone cancer (source: RamConsulting)

Bellisario’s legacy lives on through the establishment of an association named after her, which remains committed to social initiatives and improving the status of women both in society and in the workplace.

The foundation also gives an annual award to women who have demonstrated exceptional talent in their professional pursuits.

Marisa Bellisario’s legacy goes beyond her impressive achievements and the challenges she faced throughout her life. Her influence is felt to this day through the ongoing initiatives to improve the status of women in various fields.

The association, founded in her honor, which bears her name, remains active in social work and strives to strengthen the status of women in society and in the workplace.

A look at Marisa Bellisario’s personal life

Marisa Bellisario was was born Father Apoli from Joya del Cola and mother from the Ligurian town of Altara.

She completed high school in accounting before earning a degree in economics and commerce from the University of Turin in 1959.

Following this, she moved to Milan and began working in Olivetti’s electronics division as a programmer on the mainframe Elea 9003, the first computer designed and manufactured entirely in Italy.

Marisa Bellisario Cause of Death
Marisa Bellisario was born to an Apoli father from Joya del Cola and a mother from the Ligurian town of Alta (source: Finance beginners)

She later switched to commercial applications, thus beginning her successful career in the business world.

Marissa married Lionel Cantoni in 1969. Cantoni was a professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Turin and held managerial positions in the EDP divisions of Olivetti and later, Fiat Auto. They had no children together.

On the other hand, Bellisario was admired for her beauty, which included her flamboyant hairstyles and impressive legs, which led her to be affectionately called “the legs” in the United States, in addition to her extraordinary management skills.

Ironically, she was also known as “the lady with the mustache” for her amazing ability to lead and manage teams effectively.

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