Lauren Wikipedia Leader and Bio: All Together CEO Net Worth and Family

All In Together (AIT) is a non-profit organization that provides non-partisan civic education to American women of voting age.

Founded by Lauren Leeder Courtney Emerson and Ada Collins Coleman in 2014, AIT is currently led by Leeder in her role as CEO.

According to their website, the organization is characterized as a non-partisan, collaborative campaign that seeks to equip women with the resources needed to make a meaningful difference.

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All Together CEO: Lauren Leeder Wikipedia, Bio and Family

Lauren Leader is a leading author, CEO and co-founder of All In Together, she has dedicated her entire life and career to promoting women’s rights and equality in business and politics.

Her thought leadership and writing have been published in several well-known online magazines, including but not limited to the New York Times, USA Today, Know Your Value, and Harvard Business Review.

In addition, Lauren Leeder has been invited to speak at numerous high-profile events and forums, such as the acclaimed Aspen Festival of Ideas and the influential Milken World Conference.

Many people recognize Lauren as a commentator on MSNBC, especially Morning Joe. She has covered issues of gender equality and inclusion in several news outlets such as CNN, FOXNews and CBS.

Author, activist and CEO of All In Together Lauren Leeder (source: Instagram)

In addition to leading All In Together, Lauren Leader collaborates with various multinational corporations to promote women’s leadership, social impact and civic engagement.

Regarding her family and personal life, Lauren is a mother of three children, including six-year-old Serena and 13-year-old Stella.

Lauren’s children are adopted, and she stated that adopting them was one of the most profound and meaningful moments in her life.

Her husband, Philippe, is of French descent. However, he got US citizenship in 2015. No information has been revealed about his career.

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Lauren Leeder Net Worth and Achievements

as perthe latest in bollywood,Women’s rights activist Lauren Leeder has an estimated net worth of approximately 2.5 million as of 2023.

She was elected to the Harrison City Council in 2019 and still holds the position.

As president of the global think tank, formerly the Center for Talent Innovation and now called CoEqual, Lauren Leader has demonstrated exceptional leadership over the past decade.

Lauren Leeder’s tenure as a senior consultant at Oliver Wyman and Deloitte saw her drive significant innovation and growth for large corporations by promoting diversity, inclusion and sustainability.

Lauren Leeder
Lauren Leeder with Laura Coates hosts CNN Shows (Source: Instagram)

Her book “Crossing the Fine Line” (Hachette Center Street, September 2016) sparked a conversation about the crucial role of diversity in America’s future.

Along with being recognized as one of Fortune’s 50 Most Influential Women on Twitter, Lauren Leader was also honored to be a 2018 Presidential Leadership Scholar.

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The approach of her association: All In Together

All In Together is located in New York, New York and has a 501(c)3 tax ID, with their website being

The goal of AIT, a nonpartisan women’s organization, is to foster the development of women’s leadership in politics, civic engagement, and professional life across the United States.

She organized various events such as workshops, seminars, forums and hill days.

AIT partnered with Gretchen Carlson in 2017 to establish the Gretchen Carlson Leadership Initiative, which aims to expand civic leadership and advocacy instruction to underserved women across the country.

Daimler AG, Citigroup and other companies and organizations are among its founding sponsors, while its advisors consist of representatives from MWWPR, PwC, Accenture, Target and Wallace Global Impact.

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