Nicholas Koval Wikipedia: Wife Age and Net Worth

Nikolaus Koval Wikipedia: He is a visiting professor of international economics at the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin since 2017.

Nikolaus Koval is Distinguished Professor of International Macroeconomics at the BFI Vienna University of Applied Sciences.

He was recognized for his efforts to eradicate small-scale gambling in Vienna.

On March 21, 2023, Kaval announced his candidacy, and received public attention in the media.

He previously served as the chairman of Section 8 and is currently the deputy chairman of the party in Vienna-Elsergrund.

In the current election, Kval is competing against Randy-Wagner and Duskozil to become SPÖ leader.

As a party rebel, Kaval aims to bring about changes within the party. He currently holds the position of vice chairman of SPO Elsergrund.

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Nikolaus Koval – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Nikolaus Koval, about 40 years old, is a talented professor of international macroeconomics at the University of Economics, Management and Finance.

He began his economics studies at WU in 2003 and completed them in 2008, writing his thesis on the correlation between growth and distribution.

After spending a year as a foreign civil servant in a shelter for street children in Buenos Aires, he worked as a freelance assistant to a Viennese business lawyer upon his return from Latin America.

Nikolaus Koval, about 40 years old, is a talented professor of international macroeconomics (source: A small newspaper)

Furthermore, Kval was the director of the Research Institute for Social Development (FGW) in Dusseldorf from 2015 to 2017.

From 2017 to 2019, he was a visiting professor of “International Economics” at the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin.

His research focuses on the meaning of competitiveness in the context of globalization, its political-economic impact and the role of the European Union in the global world.

Kval, who rose to prominence as the spokesman for the rebel Section 8, recently joined the race for the leadership of the SPÖ, according toDerStandard.

It’s not just a two-man race, as a third candidate has entered the fray just in time for the upcoming presidential meeting on Wednesday, where the SPÖ plans to chart its course for the upcoming member poll.

He declared his intention to compete against the incumbent, Pamela Randi-Wagner, and the Governor of Burgenland, Hans Peter Doskozil.

Kaval declares that “both candidates are unable to stop the wave of right-wing politics”, explaining his decision when asked by STANDARD.

He claims that the election results empirically prove this fact in the case of Randy-Wagner and that Doskozil himself takes a right-wing populist position.

Nikolaus Koval’s wife: is he married?

Nikolaus Koval is married and father of children, as he took ten months of maternity leave in 2020.

However, he did not reveal details about his wife and children. It seems that he is currently prioritizing his professional career.

Nicolaus Cowell Wikipedia
Nikolaus Koval is married and has children, as he took ten months of paternity leave in 2020 (source: Elsergrund)

Similarly, as a trained economist, he provides training in international macroeconomics under an accredited professorship at the BFI Vienna University of Economics, Management and Finance.

Furthermore, he maintains the blog “Kowall redet Tacheles” accessible on YouTube.

Nicolas Cowell Net Worth: How Rich Is He?

While Nicolaus Cowell has yet to disclose his exact net worth, it can be assumed that he has amassed a respectable amount of wealth from his profession as a professor.

His main source of income comes from his career, and it is believed that he leads a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle.

Since 2019, he is Professor of International Macroeconomics with Chair in AK at the BFI University of Applied Sciences in Vienna.

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