Beyoncé wants to create safe space for women during her upcoming tour

Beyoncé has a strict drug and alcohol free policy during rehearsals for her highly anticipated tour

Beyonce has done strict #MeToo checks with every member of her staff to create a safe space for women during rehearsals for her upcoming tour.

The Break My Soul singer wants her band, dancers and crew to prepare for concerts with focus, as the shows require intense choreography.

A source told The Sun details of the superstar show which will not have a firm drug or alcohol policy, with every member of the team having access to mental health support.

“Bey knows new performances will require intense choreography and precision, so everyone needs to be clean and sober,” the insider said. “There won’t be any wild parties on the road either.”

“She is also doing #MeToo checks with the dancers, band and crew in the hopes that this will make the tour a safe and friendly working environment,” the source added.

“As touring can be mentally draining, his new team will also have access to mental health support on the road.

“She knows people are happiest when they know their well-being is satisfied and wants to use what she has learned in the business to lead by example,” the outlet explained.


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