Angry Kensington Palace HITS FINAL NAIL On Meghan Markle After She Breaks An Important Royal Rule For Money

Have you heard about these scammers’ latest desperate cash grab? They somehow managed to trick Netflix into greenlighting not one, but two reality shows for their massively overpaid $100 million media deal. And get this: one of the shows is meant to pull back the curtain on the grit and passion of, wait for it, the high society polo scene!

Meghan Markle is banking on her entire A-list entrepreneur rebranding to sell cheaper aristocratic fizz to the masses by taking advantage of Harry’s lifelong privilege and his very limited set of sophisticated boy skills, like banging a polo ball. It’s a piece so incredibly transparent that even the outrageously indulgent royals at Kensington Palace seem appalled by this latest low blow.

This televised polo adventure has Meghan’s gooey manipulation fingerprints all over it. After spending years lecturing the world about eschewing the British aristocracy’s stuffy traditions and obscure heritage, the Duchess takes a big step to exploit Harry’s royal bona fides to earn money quickly. Once again, this is just a sickening scam.

Just imagine the naked calculation going on here in Meghan’s complicit mind. She now knows that the posturing of the progressive thought leaders of the grand world has significantly diminished the returns for Harry. His public persona became more and more hated and mocked by the day. The woman once dubbed a sociopathic pony probably felt she needed a rebranding strategy that would allow her to shed Harry’s remaining royal influence one last time before it expires.

So, in the spirit of relentless hustle, Meghan set her sights on one of the new niche aristocratic pastimes of which her very unfinished husband was still marginally capable: high-end polo competitions. You know, the very type of pretentious country club excess that she and Harry once rallied against as divisive symbols of traditionalism, but now repackaged as exploitable vertical content for the Sussexes.

This cruel irony is simply exquisite, isn’t it? Meghan, taking advantage of poor old Harry’s desperation to remain semi-relevant by fully reverting to the very practices she accused the company of emotionally abusing him for decades. It’s truly sickening to see this level of scorched earth self-interest at any moral cost. And the most infuriating thing is that Meghan probably knows that her husband’s involvement is the only selling point for this type of artificial, low-rent premium fare to land. After all, what would be the appeal of a random stranger providing a glimpse of the “courage and passion” of polo? It’s all about Harry’s pedigree, the tabloid gold spectacle potential that is supposed to make this specific angle commercially viable for Netflix to bet on his nine-figure deal.

So, in a tidy set of content, the Duchess of Deception defrauds her media clients of nearly a billion dollars with promises of unprecedented access to the ultra-elitist monarchy-adjacent arena, while manipulating her drooling and sheepish husband to play the role of the Winds. “Britney’s true ambassador through customs, when she was hesitant to make herself world famous in the first place.

Just listen to these Kensington royal insiders who are finally understanding Meghan’s slime game after years of unprovoked antagonism, denigration and humiliation. One particularly astute expert, Tom Quinn, summed up the situation with astonishing accuracy, calling the Netflix deal a sordid attempt to make money off yet another royal tradition. Quinn succeeded, revealing how Meghan is openly capitalizing on something Harry can do to remind people he’s royal.

Think about it. Without Harry’s residual fame as a former member of the royal family, what redeeming value is there in getting really close to the posh polo scene? The only compelling hook for viewers: a chance to laugh at the luxury of Harry of the House of Windsor embarrassing himself on camera like a Real Housewife.

It doesn’t take a genius to read between the lines and realize that this questionable creative decision was almost certainly made by Meghan as a desperate move to continue acting in the public interest. Just look here at Meghan’s proven track record of integrating and redirecting any possible effort to eternally revolve around amplifying her own profile, wealth and martyrdom complexes.

Whether in the Oprah interview, paid protest speeches, vapid podcast celebrity photoshoots, or ghostwriting Hollywood memoirs, this woman is driving a narrative to magnify herself. The infamous $629,000 Cartier Love bracelet didn’t buy itself. The Duchess routinely cashes in on these royal credibility checks in every way possible because, let’s face it, as one insider accurately pointed out, Harry’s old-fashioned interests and very limited abilities no longer lend themselves easily to business ventures alone at Meghan’s. Leading actress orbit.


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