Palace Poised to Remove Archie & Lilibet from Line of Succession After Demanding Proof from Meghan Markle

The topic of discussion, known as Royal Taboo, was openly debated on online forums and in royal circles. However, this is conspicuously avoided by so-called journalists at the Royal Rotor and mainstream media. In a recent interview with Dan Wuen, Lady Colin Campbell breaks the conspiracy of silence surrounding the peculiar circumstances and mysteries surrounding the birth of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s children, Archie and Lilibet. Lady Colin Campbell openly questions whether they should maintain their positions in the line of succession.

Lady Colin Campbell, an esteemed author and royal aristocrat known for revealing Princess Diana’s struggles in the early 1990s before others, is now presenting an ultimatum to Buckingham Palace. While these questions touch on deeply personal matters, they have constitutional implications, especially since the Sussex children currently occupy the sixth and seventh positions in line to the throne. It is undoubtedly in the public interest to discover the truth. Lady Colin Campbell believes that as a royal journalist, this is a matter of constitutional importance and is certainly in the national interest. She says the issue should be definitively clarified

Lady Colin Campbell points out that the country’s citizens have an absolute right to know whether someone in the line of succession is rightfully in their place, without doubt. She points out that Harry and Meghan created doubt through their behavior, particularly Harry, who was complicit in all of this. Lady Colin Campbell clarifies that the palace did not create this complicated situation but rather found itself entangled in it. She criticizes the level of incompetence among palace staff, suggesting that their default position is to avoid taking action to avoid being blamed.

Lady Colin Campbell admits she does not believe senior palace officials are trying to silence her. She mentions that a significant portion of the palace staff are incompetent and that their inaction comes from fear of being blamed. She says it is the conduct of Meghan and Harry that has led to these questions and that, in the interests of the British Crown and the British people, the issue must be addressed head-on. She is urging the Sussexes to provide the world with absolute proof that their children were born in a way that leaves no room for doubt, including proof that Meghan gave birth to them herself.

Lady Colin Campbell raises concerns over the change to Archie’s birth certificate and Meghan’s subsequent announcement that she did so on instructions from the palace, which the palace denies. She hints at some things that she can’t divulge at the moment. If the children were not born through surrogacy, Lady Colin Campbell suggests that Meghan’s actions have sowed doubt and led people to believe that surrogacy may have been involved. She warns that such misdeeds would be very damaging to the royal family.

Perhaps the most surprising aspect is the reluctance of the mainstream media to ask these critical questions, fearing legal repercussions from the Sussexes and their associates. This fear has had a chilling effect on the climate for a free press in recent years. Lady Colin Campbell points out that the mainstream media are terrified by the numerous lawsuits brought against them by Harry and Meghan. Until these cases are resolved, they are reluctant to address this issue due to the potential financial implications. Lady Colin Campbell suggests that many journalists are cowardly because they do not want to embarrass themselves or their employers, some of whom have occasional engagements at Buckingham Palace.


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