5 Professions that Are New and Still Have a Potential to Grow

The job market never stands still. While some professions fade over time, new ones are constantly emerging, shaped by technology, cultural changes and changing demands. As we move into an increasingly digital, globalized world, the coming decades look set to usher in a host of new careers now barely imagined.

Many new jobs reflect this 21st century flux. Combining innovation with growth potential, they act as beacons for the professions of tomorrow. While there is much concern about how technological advancements and the emergence of artificial intelligence are putting people at risk of losing their jobs, there are also many potential opportunities that could arise from these new developments.

Below, we explore five professions that are still in their infancy and offer strong prospects for future adaptation.

Live casino dealers

Live dealer games combine the thrill of visiting the casino with the convenience of playing online. Players join tables broadcast live from studios, interacting with human croupiers in real time. The field took off in the mid-1990s as a mobile phone technology enabled high-quality live streams. The global revenue reached million USD in 2021 and is projected to reach 100439.98 million USD by 2027.

The phenomenon created a new specialized profession: live agent hosts whose profession flourished especially after the rise of live casino platforms. Often recruited from real casinos, hosts add a social spark to games, greeting players and explaining rules. Sessions run 24/7, so the work patterns are perfect for night owls. The role requires excellent presentation and customer service skills along with stamina. It can provide an ace career option for gaming enthusiasts who want decent earnings from a fun, flexible job.

On average, annual income ranges from $28,000 to $37,000, with top hosts earning up to $75,000. The US and Canada offer the strongest prospects right now, but the profession looks poised for strong global growth. As immersive gaming environments like the metaverse develop, creative openings could emerge to diversify the role of live hosting in the future.

Sustainability Experts

With companies facing increasing pressure to reduce their environmental impact, Demand for sustainability expertise continues to skyrocket. Experts help organizations implement and monitor green initiatives, ensuring measurable progress toward green goals.

Although still an emerging field, it is over 113,000 sustainability jobs now exist in the US alone, according to LinkedIn data. Global positions can exceed 1 million. The profession promises strong long-term growth as more industries wake up to the climate crisis. Entry-level salaries range from around $40-$55,000 in the US and EU, rising to $90-$120,000 for leadership roles.

Cybersecurity experts

As data breaches make shocking headlines daily, skills to protect online systems have become some of the most in-demand in the world. In America, one in two internet users had their account hacked in 2021.

With hackers becoming increasingly sophisticated, cyber security is now an urgent priority for organizations worldwide. Experts who can analyze systems for weaknesses and respond quickly to threats gain celebrity status among companies desperate to avoid an attack.

The US Department of Labor expects more than 35% growth in information security roles over the next decade. But beyond the US, opportunities abound everywhere from Brazil to Belarus as every digitized organization looks for security talent.

Software Automation Specialists

Many manual office management tasks such as data entry, invoice processing and email response are at risk of disappearing through automation. However, an emerging profession aims to create bots that replace human efforts: software automation development.

Using platforms like UI Path, automation experts build “software bots” that mimic admin tasks. It allows staff to redirect efforts to more meaningful, creative roles. The sector grew over 65% year-on-year before COVID-19 as companies demanded greater efficiency. Automation is expected to displace 85 million jobs by 2025, but over 21 million new human-robot hybrid roles could emerge.

eSports industry roles

Over 474 million people now watch eSports (Competitive tournaments between elite players. Industry revenue was over $1.38 billion in 2021 and is projected to reach $1.86 billion by 2024. This phenomenal growth has created a whole new category of sports professionals.

There are now roles such as team managers, performance coaches, marketing agents and analysts. For now, the established markets of the US and Asia lead the way, but talent scouts are raising prospects across Europe and the Middle East as more countries develop professional leagues.

More intangible perks like character skins and virtual real estate could add to the revenue streams if the immersive metaverse game becomes more popular. The gaming industry seems poised for rapid expansion as younger generations become less interested in traditional sports and more attracted to gaming.

Although new global challenges or displaced priorities could reshape the career landscape tomorrow, young professionals can unlock enormous potential in these newly created modern roles by monitoring key trends and honing required competencies such as data analysis, creative innovation and communications. The rise of automation and artificial intelligence threatens many jobs, but it also looks set to catalyze a host of emotionally and financially rewarding new-age careers we’re only just beginning to imagine.

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