What’s happening to Cara Delevingne? Sister Poppy ‘rushes to her side’ amid growing concerns

Earlier in September 2022, English model, actress and singer Cara Delevingne was spotted outside a Los Angeles sex shop smoking an unknown substance from a pipe and dropping a clear liquid from a bottle in his mouth.

Then, just days ago, disturbing footage emerged of Delevingne, 30, behaving erratically as she waited to board none other than Jay-Z’s jet at the private airport. from Van Nuys just outside Los Angeles. First, she was seen dangling her feet from the window of a Chevy Suburban as a driver took her to the airport.

Wearing a Britney Spears t-shirt, she made her way to the plane to disembark 45 minutes later and was spotted pacing while smoking, leaning over and ‘acting nervously’, onlookers say who spoke to the Daily Mail. It’s unclear if the London native was asked to leave the plane or decided to do it on her own.

According to the publication, the cover girl appeared “unable to control her body movements at times, as seen on the phone, dropping [it]
and walking around looking very nervous and like she couldn’t stop moving.

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Recently, Delevingne was known to hang out at the Burning Man festival. Sources told the tabloid at the time that she did not eat or shower during the event. “She had just spent days in the desert, not eating much and she looked disheveled because she hadn’t had time to wash up yet,” they said.

Less than a week after the footage made headlines, it has now been revealed that Delevingne’s sister Poppy, 36, ran to be by his side amid growing concern over his behavior. Poppy, who lives in London, was spotted leaving Delevingne’s Los Angeles mansion on Friday, September 9.

In another Daily Mail article, a family friend reportedly said: “This is all very disturbing. Cara has been open about her mental health struggles in the past. She comes from a very good close family and of course they will rally together and do whatever it takes to help her.

“The family is clearly worried about her, which is why Poppy immediately went to join them. Everyone is concerned about Cara’s behavior,” they continued.

The model was due to attend a Puma show in New York on Tuesday, September 13, but sources now say she is unlikely to attend.

Unfortunately for Delevingne, this latest turn of events isn’t the only disturbing event unfolding in his life. In April, his bankers at HSBC registered a charge against his company Cara & Co, despite having assets of £41.4million.

It has been speculated that this action was taken to protect the interests of his bankers in the event that his business suffered a sudden reversal of fortune.

Regardless of what is happening, many netizens have expressed concern for the celebrity’s well-being, with countless users comparing her behavior to that of the late singer Amy Winehouse.

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