What was hidden in the box that Melania Trump gave to Michelle Obama

The former first lady of the United States reveals the contents of the gift she received from the current president’s wife in her first TV interview since leaving the White House

Just over a year after Donald Trump’s inauguration, Michelle Obama reveals what was inside the box Melania Trump gave her on January 20 that caught everyone’s attention in not knowing what to do with her at the time of the salute and the official. photograph. The former first lady spoke about the contents of the gift, wrapped in a Tiffany & Co box, on her friend Ellen DeGeneres’ show. “It was a beautiful setting,” Michelle Obama said in a video preview of her first TV interview since leaving the White House, which aired Thursday.

In her conversation with DeGeneres, Michelle humorously recalls that she wasn’t sure what to do with the box, because no one told her or came to pick it up. “What should I do with this gift?” Everyone walked away from her and no one came to get her. And I thought ‘do we take a picture like this?’ And that’s why I hid it behind my back. So it was my husband who took the box, but no one told him what to do with it anyway,” she says as DeGeneres recalls the moment on video.

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On the morning of the inauguration, Trump made several rude remarks to his wife that did not go unnoticed by viewers. The current President of the United States did not wait for Melania when she got out of his car, nor did he take her by the arm, and headed for the residence where the Obama couple were waiting for them a few steps away. in front of her. “Well, it’s all protocol. It’s like a state visit, they tell you you’re going to do this, you’re going to stop there. I did not expect to receive the gift so it was a nice detail”, explained the wife of Barack Obama.

It is a tradition for outgoing presidents to welcome their successors to the White House on the morning of inauguration day. Former President George W. Bush and his wife, Laura, greet the Obamas for coffee or tea in the Blue Room of the White House before Barack Obama’s first inauguration on January 20, 2009.

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Since leaving the presidential residence, the Obama family has lived in Washington and will keep their home there until their youngest daughter, Sasha, 16, graduates from high school. In fact, they’re almost neighbors to Donald Trump’s eldest daughter, Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner, who live a few blocks away.

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