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Vance Fundora is an American Founder and CEO of the Fundora Group, he is a bestselling author, entrepreneur, influential podcast host and philanthropist whose primary mission is to provide quality value, advice and support that cultivates new levels of personal and business development. Today, he runs a 7-figure business, holds a Business Administration degree from Texas Tech University, and proactively travels the world to connect with like-minded people to inspire and motivate.

Fast facts

Born June 30, 1997
Age23 years
Place of birthFort Worth, Texas
DeliveredStaying Up to Date: A Guide to Creating and Developing an Online Presence
AwardsBest-selling author
Networth1,100,000 USD


Vance Fundora was born June 30, 1997 in Fort Worth, Texas.


Vance Fundora studied at Fort Worth ISD as well as Mansfield Summit High School during his elementary school years. Vance graduated from Texas Tech University with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing in December 2018.


Carrier start

His first experience in the business world came from several microenterprises before the age of 16. He is an education advocate with extensive professional experience in management consulting, in-depth process analysis, investing and digital marketing.

Leadership skills

Vance has developed the leadership skills necessary to successfully guide others in creating the perfect roadmaps to achieving their personal and business goals.

“As a passionate individual, nothing satisfies Vance more than helping businesses and professionals achieve their goals. Overall, he has a genuine passion for his career, values ​​integrity and trust, and has made it one of his life goals to give others vital information, knowledge and insight so that they can create the best life for themselves.


Vance Fundora has collaborated with H&M, Papa Johns, Hot Topic, Ghost White, luxury hotels among other brands.


Vance has helped over 200 brands from various industries increase brand awareness, visibility and traffic through personalized digital marketing strategies in areas such as paid advertising, brand development, influencer marketing and creative of content.

Digital marketing

His team relies on proprietary technologies, using quality and effective content and staying up to date on the various intricacies of digital marketing. Strategy drives a good campaign, but tactics, agendas and details make the difference. Whenever possible, the campaign should relate results to activities and come up with specific numbers to measure those results. The first step in determining if the marketing efforts have been effective is to define your measures of success.


His agency offers complete marketing and e-commerce solutions adaptable to any brand or individual in the world.


  • Staying Up to Date: A Guide to Creating and Developing an Online Presence

Did you know …

  • Vance travels the world collaborating with high performing leaders, entrepreneurs, influencers and athletes.
  • He has helped over 200 brands in a variety of industries.
  • He is the best-selling author.

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