Shocked WATCH: Beyoncé Had To Be Rescued By Ladder After Her Flying Stage Malfunctioned

WATCH shocked: Beyoncé had to be saved by a ladder after her flying stage malfunction

A little spoils the magic …

If there’s one goddess-like creature that seems to transcend mere mortals, it’s Beyoncé, but this recent technical malfunction has proven that even Queen Bey is only human because she was forced to climb down a ladder. after his theft scene got stuck.

Performing on her On The Run II tour of Poland, Bey had to be rescued after the floating stage she was singing on malfunctioned and left her stranded in midair.

WATCH shocked: Beyoncé had to be rescued by a ladder after her flying stage malfunction

Fortunately, there were assistants on hand with a long ladder – which Bey initially seemed reluctant to descend – who manage to coax the “Lemonade” star.

People wanted to be there to help the megastar:

Beyoncé sounded like “Who’s coming down that ladder?” I don’t climb that damn ladder.

While there is no doubt that Beyoncé has made the most elegant climb ever and totally styled it, it spoils the magic a bit of seeing her having to descend from her stage using a ladder. …


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