Prince Harry’s Desire for Reconciliation with William and Kate Revealed by Gary Goldsmith

According to Gary Goldsmith, Prince Harry has expressed his wish to reunite with Prince William and Princess Kate in the United Kingdom. During the season 23 premiere of Celebrity Big Brother, Goldsmith expressed sadness over Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan's decision to step down as senior royals. He discussed the dynamic between Harry, Kate and Prince William when fellow contestant Lewis Walsh asked him about the royal family within the Big Brother house. Goldsmith mentioned that he felt Harry was genuinely loved, but there seemed to be a strong connection between Harry, Kate and William. He added that Meghan's introduction to the trio caused a lot of drama, making it hard to believe there were any real conflicts. Goldsmith claimed that this drama contributed to Prince Harry's unhappiness.

Goldsmith expressed his opinion that it was unfair to put so much pressure on a family in such a dramatic way, write a book about it, and then expect to be invited to Christmas. He described the situation as a sad situation, but believed Prince Harry would eventually come back and become a member of the family again. Goldsmith said the British people are tolerant and would give Harry another chance. He also humorously mentioned that the worst thing he said to Prince Harry was, “He won't let me be on my pub quiz team.”

Additionally, Goldsmith revealed his connection to the princess and continued to share his thoughts on what it means to suddenly find himself in the spotlight. He mentioned that every family has a “bad uncle”, and he was playfully nicknamed “Uncle Buckle”. Goldsmith praised his niece and the prince, declaring that Kate and William are the saviors of the royal family.


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